Merry December: Winter Solstice



Oh… the first day of winter, well the first official day of winter. Living in a place of endless summer, or so it seems, I’ve come to appreciate winter a whole lot more. I really miss snow and ice right about this time of year and for purposes I’ve already written about actually (sledding, snow angels, snowball fights, etc.). Being too cold isn’t fun but just the right level of cold and hanging out in the snow is awesome in my mind. After being out in the snow and cold, I can come in, get into dry clothes (perhaps even jammies – those are best!), get some hot cocoa or tea and watch a movie… yes those are the days! That kind of thing just totally makes this girl “merry.”

So tonight it will be the longest night, then after that, the days will begin to get longer, little by little, creeping back to summer. Yes I skipped over spring because there is no springtime in Needles. It’s “cold” and then hot. In between doesn’t really happen out here. It is a bit of a chilly night out tonight and personally, I find that suiting for the fact it’s the first actual day of winter. Every day from here on in is a day closer to summer here so I’m enjoying it.

The winter solstice has lots of historical connotations. It was the longest night and yet it also meant  you were that much closer to being through the tough cold weather and closer to not starving. It literally meant survival and something to celebrate, to look forward to at that time. I miss a real winter, but I have to admit to being glad I don’t have those kinds of worries.

I have to be honest everyone, I had so much more in mind for this post but I’m tired. I’ve done so much writing today for work and I’m just exhausted. So instead of a longer post, talking more about how awesome winter is and how unique the solstice is because it really is about the Earth’s axis reaching a certain tilt and the Sun’s elevation in relation to the North Pole (for us Northern Hemisphere folks) is at it’s most negative value, yadda, yadda, I will just say… the solstice is a good deal. I will also leave you with a few final thoughts in relation to the solstice.

• Today is also Humbug Day – for all you Scrooges out there- Bah Humbug!

• Today is also National Flashlight Day – how funny it should be on the same day as the longest night of the year. Go figure.

• Look on the Bright Side Day – again, the irony that it should be on the shortest day of the year. I suppose looking on the bright side would mean realizing that this means the days will only get longer from here and warmer weather is on the horizon. Optimism is a good thing.

• Forefathers Day – Gotta love those guys who came up with our Constitution.

• Lastly – on this day in 1913 – the very first crossword puzzle was printed in a newspaper. Good stuff I tell ya!


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