Merry December: The Joy of Music (Select-A-Set Thursday)



My life without music would just be sad. I couldn’t do it. It’s definitely one of those things that helps right my day when I’ve had a bad one. It helps keep me going when I don’t think I have anything left in the gas tank. It’s my friend when I don’t have one available; it speaks for me when I can’t find the words. I just love music. It also really helps keep me “merry” during the holiday season when people are getting cranky and forgetting the holidays are supposed to be about.

Fortunately, via WordPress, I have been able to find a site chalk full of writers who feel similarly. I can’t remember exactly how I found Backseat Mafia, but I know that I thoroughly enjoy what they have to say and the music they introduce me to, assuming I get around to reading what they post. I sadly must confess that I’ve been a bit of a slacker and haven’t read as much of their recent works because I’ve been so busy. With multiple writers at Backseat Mafia, I can’t always keep up either. It’s virtually an online music magazine and they review songs and albums mostly for underground music but there is also some pop culture artists on occasion that make the site. They’re really wonderful writers – very insightful.

The thing about this lovely group is they do write about more than just music. There is art on their site and they have a section for film reviews also. Again, I have to admit to not following those other reviews as much but I would be willing to wager that those reviews are just as good and thorough.

My main draw to Backseat Mafia is simply that they introduce me to new music. I don’t listen to the radio much these days so it’s nice to have an outlet that showing me that there is good new music coming out. Granted, most of it isn’t in the U.S. so it’s a little more work on occasion finding these bands and individual artists but that’s okay. I enjoy it regardless. So without further adieu, I want to use this week’s select-a-set to showcase some of the music this wonderful site has introduced me too. I hope you enjoy! Please check them out also – you may just find something you like.

First – Editors – “The Weight.” I’m not even going to try to explain this ha! I’m going to leave it to Jim, the originator of Backseat Mafia, to review this. He discusses the whole album.

Second – Lion Bark – “Two Prongs.” I really enjoyed the lighthearted feel of this song.

Third – Hurts – “Somebody to Die For.” This song right here is my absolute favorite of what I’ve encountered on Backseat Mafia so far. I really enjoy the other music they have also. This man’s voice is so soothing to me and the synthpop (I guess that’s what they call it these days) is so lovely! I find him to be fairly easy on the eyes too. Just saying.


12 responses to “Merry December: The Joy of Music (Select-A-Set Thursday)

  1. Jen, I gotta say….posting a video with a pic of a hot chick in a bikini…my my my…ya put a smile on my face today fo sho! J/k lol….I posted a pick of a girl in a bikini a while back and was given hell for it in my email box….people literally blew up at me! Lol sorry I don’t have anything of great substance to add to your music article; “me like music too!” I have a hard time with underground music cause all my “friends” (dare I call em that?) who r into the underground scene are such snobs…and I mean incredibly annoying hipster snobs….they all need their faces smacked….now you clearly don’t seem like a hipster snob….but just in case you secretly are; I’m gonna play some Britney spears and backstreet boys to spite you! Just kidding…you’ll never hear backstreet boys blaring from my car radio; no way Jose! (only Nsync and boys 2 men…..I’m joking !!! Lol….fortunately I’m comfortable in my heterosexuality so I can make jokes at my expense 😉 )

    • LOL omg only you Kenneth! I almost put a disclaimer in it just for you regarding that lady… like I have done with other recent posts. Shameful lol. Also I didn’t have much choice lol. I would have preferred a different video but I couldn’t get the right version of the song so there ya have it. Backstreet Boys are fine, if you play Britney… well you better leave a nice note in the will for your kiddos… just saying. I called it underground but what I really mean is more like not as publicized and I tend to like it because they’re not warped by the music industry that really just wants oodles of money and only produce formulaic music… ick. I love Boys II Men! They were a legitimately awesome vocal group. 🙂

      • I did NOT like boys2men…they were totally a chick group if ya ask me…..and personally…I dunno, but Britney doesn’t bother me; she is what she is….she doesn’t seem to have much of a voice (Christina Aguilera at least can sing) but I don’t ever feel that Britney is trying to be something that she’s not; does that make sense?

      • LOL you’re so freakin’ mixed up it’s ridiculous. Brittany couldn’t be more fake if she tried. She can dance but she sure as hell can’t sing. Boyz II Men are amazing vocalist. You do realize that calling them a “chick” band is degrading to both them and women right? There’s a pretty negative connotation with that… just saying. 😉 Anyway, they harmonize better than most – up there with Motown bands like The Temptations and The Four Tops. That’s good company to be in my friend. 😛 Sorry you can’t see that lol.

      • I’m definitely learning how to get under your skin 😉 ha ha…..and if boys 2 men isn’t a “chick” group can you explain to me why it’s almost entirely women from the 90s who like them? Every guy I know was listening to stuff like nirvana or the offspring back then….uh, boys 2 men? Thanks but no thanks :p

      • And does Britney ever pretend like she can sing? I’m being serious in this comment (a nice little change for ya lol) I mean ever since she got popular; all her s&$t is totally redigitized so I just assumed we all knew she couldn’t sing…….I mean, Christina Aguilara can definitely sing; and everyone gives her the proper cred…

        So if Britney doesn’t pretend she can sing….how is it that she’s fake? I mean, her paparazzi crotch shots sure looked real to me; I didn’t notice any plastic surgery (okay…I might have deviated from being serious for just a minute there) ….

        Now of course Britney seems like a certifiable nut; the crotch shots, driving with the baby in her lap, shaving her head, the silly marriages……she is definitley a few tacos short of a fiesta platter but fake….nah, I don’t think she is fake

      • I really think you’re messed up beyond repair lol you’re willing to give Brittany Spears credit, a talentless weirdo, but you’re going to dog BoyzIIMen? Yeah you have no music cred whatsoever lol. None, zilch. She’s fake cuz an x-amount of that crap is probably just publicity stunts anyway. Boyz II Men never had to rely on that shit. Second, just because you personally didn’t know any men who liked them or at least respected them doesn’t mean there weren’t any men who liked them. Your experience is limited – plus you’re talking about two very different genres. If you hung out with people who liked R&B/Hip/Hop you would have run into guys who liked them. Even if mostly women did like them, you’re making it sound like women can’t like talented groups. Again, you’re reducing women to not having any taste while horribly insulting a very talented vocal group – all of this is very interesting given that YOU are willing to give a talentless weirdo credit LOL. Just makes me shake my head. Tsk tsk. 🙂

  2. Oh Jen, I should’ve told you, back 99 I interviewed every single heterosexual man in America and all but eight of us agreed that boys 2 men is definitley chick music :p. (the eight guys who disagreed were the back street boys and Nsync)

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