Merry December: The Joy of Family Talent (Select-a-Set Thursday)

credit: J. Denevan (me)/ my cousin Anna Lynch playing some of her music for us. very lovely!

credit: J. Denevan (me)/ my cousin Anna Lynch playing some of her music for us. very lovely!

This is a special select-a-set. Yours truly may not have been blessed by the talent fairy, but my cousins sure have. I’ve been thinking about doing this set for a while but needed to find the right time for it. Given that in November I mentioned being thankful for family and now during December it’s about being “merry,” I figure now is a great time to feature my two lovely cousins who are out making their own music.

Music is absolutely one of the best ways to spread joy. It’s found in every culture and always has multiple uses. I simply love music! It helps me deal with my crazy days, lazy days, very productive days, my down-in-the dumps days and more. There is always at least one song I can find that will totally explain how I feel about something or someone. I’m more easily motivated to get chores done when there’s music on the stereo. I can’t imagine my life without music.

My dad’s side of the family is pretty similar. My Aunt Donna and her family have many instruments in the house and are constantly playing something and they’re always dabbling in some type of music – usually something folky or bluegrass. This past summer when I was there visiting, I do recall falling asleep to members of my family playing Beatles songs. It’s wonderful to have that…to be able to just listen to my family members like that. It was awesome.

Well, my cousin Anna has this band – The Anna Lynch Band and she’s recently released her first album. It’s wonderful. She writes her own music but she does also cover traditional music also. Her album is mostly original with at least one cover of a traditional song. I don’t have a way to post those songs on here like usual, but I can provide some links.

You can check out her music here or at Reverbnation. You can also find her music on Spotify. I highly recommend it – not ONLY because she’s my cousin but because she’s a wonderful singer/songwriter who has a wonderful future in front of her. I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for the rest of us.

Wait… before you go, I have another cousin to talk about. Ms. Hannah Yoter is another of my talented cousins. There are four of them actually – Anna, Hannah, Luisa and Joey – Hannah and Luisa are sisters and Anna and Joey are sister and brother – all cousins. All four are incredibly talented. I’m still hoping for a family band at one point. Just saying.

Hannah is another fine talent, whom I’ve watched grow into a beautiful young lady, who has a wonderful future in store. I’m not as sure of her music plans as Anna, but it sure seems like that’s a direction she’d love to go in and she certainly could. Sadly, again I don’t really have as much of way to post her music other than a link. You can find Ms. Yoter at Reverbnation. She, like Anna, has a penchant for bluegrass/acoustic/folk music. Again, she has the voice for it. Hannah does cover traditional songs, but is just as comfortable writing her own music.

Okay so there’s only two artists, but each have multiple songs on those links. Please check them out. They are awesome young ladies working hard to get somewhere with the God-given talent. They have similar sounding names and similar sounding voices (which is yet another reason why I’m all for collaboration  – they sound amazing together). I’m really proud of these two young women. They’ve come a long way from being the two little rascals I used to know. They have much to offer music lovers and have the ability to spread cheer and joy through their wonderful talents.


4 responses to “Merry December: The Joy of Family Talent (Select-a-Set Thursday)

  1. Your happiness is intoxicating Jen…..puts a smile on my face each time I read your blog …I think that’s why I make so many snarky silly comments on your blog because when I feel happy I say silly things filled with a lot of sarcasm…..just thought I’d say that cuz your article today was so nice about your relatives 🙂

    • Well thank you! I always have believed that a positive energy is just as contagious as negative – so may as well be positive to help the world out ya know? Yes my cousins are fabulously talented! I hope you took a listen because wow they sure can sing. 🙂 I just hope I get good enough as a writer that I can be the famous writer to have jotted down their biographies one day haha. 🙂

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