Merry December: Noodles, Noodles and More Noodles

credit: John Autry (from Cooking Light magazine)/ one of my favorite meals to make from this magazine...yum!

credit: John Autry (from Cooking Light magazine)/ one of my favorite meals to make from this magazine…yum!

There are so many different ways to eat noodles, it’s almost ridiculous. I love it though! Noodles are definitely one of those small things in life that bring us joy… most of the time.

I can’t help but think of one time, well actually two times, that noodles really brought some “joy” to my life and my sister’s. I can’t say it brought too much joy to my brother, however. As a family, we were all sitting down to dinner, eating spaghetti, a pretty common type of noodle. My poor brother was having a hard time with it though and was super congested. At one point he was really having a hard time breathing and you could hear him trying to breath through his nose but couldn’t. He kind of snorted at one point and my dad could see there was a little bit of noodle hanging out of his nose. Finally my dad went and helped him out by pulling the noodle out of his nose. My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing to save our lives. The poor kid was mortified. I’m sure that had to be somewhat uncomfortable also.

This incident would repeat itself another time. Again, my sister and I thought it hilarious, but my brother sure as heck didn’t. Nevermind that he’s the youngest and the only boy in the family to make it even worse. Those two bad incidents with noodles was enough to make sure that he had mom or dad cut up those noodles into tiny pieces any other time we had spaghetti or other type of noodle and that was after he finally got around to eating noodles again… there was a long break there for a bit. He wasn’t going to have that problem ever again. I’m sure it was more about his congestion and the fact that our noses, mouths and throats are all connected. Somehow those two noodles wound up going up his nose instead of down his throat, all because the poor kid was trying to breath and eat at the same time.

Personally, I love noodles. They’re fairly easy to make but there’s also plenty of it so it’s something that can last all week. As a single lady who doesn’t always have a lot of time to cook, this is a good thing. In fact, the above photo is from a cooking magazine my Aunt Donna gave to me one Christmas to help me with cooking more. I absolutely love that recipe! It’s fettuccine with mushrooms, hazelnuts and sage…. it’s so good! It’s a wonderful, easy to make recipe and it freezes well… at least I think it does. I can make plenty, have some for the rest of the week but also freeze some for later. For a girl who’s schedule isn’t always conducive to cooking, that’s a blessing for sure! It makes me happy and “merry” in more ways than one.

Because it’s an easy dinner, I love it because it makes me feel more like an fully independent adult and self-sufficient. See, you have to understand that I’m not much of a cook, or at least that I don’t cook much. When I do cook, it seems to come out alright even if I don’t follow a recipe to the letter. It just helps me feel better about myself, again spreading the joy. Truthfully, I like to cook, it’s just that some days I’m so tired I don’t feel like it. It’s also not always so easy to cook for one, though I’m learning that my freezer is a bit of a buddy of mine.

Overall, noodles are just a great easy dinner that brings joy. Okay so that might be a slight exaggeration and yet it’s true enough. Noodles are fun to eat, easy to make and who doesn’t like a good, easy dinner from time to time? Plus, if you’re anything like me, you like food. Noodles are a fun food. I hear they’re a fun food-fight food also. I could be wrong on that but it wouldn’t surprise me. Again, just one more way noodles are spreading joy in this world.

So why is my topic noodles? Apparently, today is National Noodle Ring Day. Okay so I never mentioned noodle rings. Noodle rings are just one more way noodles bring joy. It’s a relatively easy way to make some jewelry and bring a smile to someone’s face. See, I told you noodles are awesome.

Other December notes:

• Dec. 10 – Human Rights Day (I’m sorry I missed it)

• UNICEF Anniversary – Dec. 11

• The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock (1620). – Dec. 11

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