Merry December: Select-A-Set Thursday (Disney Christmas)



It’s not even a week into December and I’m already trailing behind. Oh boy. I really need to get back on the bandwagon of writing just about every day. It’s just good practice.

This post may be a little over the top joyous… so sorry. But as with all my other posts, I am trying to keep to a theme and incorporate other fun facts about December. Well, I came across this calendar online and it tells me that today, Dec. 5 is Walt Disney’s birthday. He was born in 1901.

Mr. Walt Disney has left quite a legacy! I realize there have been controversies and of course, it’s become a huge corporation, people are angry with them for one reason or another, there’s been scandals of inappropriate items showing up in the movies, allegedly, etc., etc., but for the moment, because it’s “Merry December,” I don’t want to discuss any of that. I’m only interested in the fact that Disney has brought a lot of joy to many people (yes not just kids). I continue to love the movies and I love that they are involved with Pixar which are now absolutely among my favorite movies (“Cars,” “The Incredibles,” “The Toy Story” trilogy, “Brave,” etc.). Personally, I’m a huge fan of Winnie the Pooh, yes that silly ol’ bear. He and Piglet are awesome friends!

I know Disney film has a tendency to make things a little too “merry” and fairy taleish. The thing is, you can’t blame a man or even a company for only wanting to make people happy. It’s up to the people to learn to think for themselves and to remember that they’re only movies. They’re only designed to entertain, not educate. If you cannot think for yourself, well, I think life is going to be fairly difficult for you. There will always be a blame game and that’s not very merry at all. In fact, it would be quite the opposite I would think.

So anywho (yes that’s supposed to be anywho… it’s more interesting than anyhow), I’m posting a few Disney sing-a-long songs. You’re certainly not required to listen of that’s not your cup of tea… I don’t blame you. It’s just the theme for the day. I do hope that things are looking a little brighter these days for you all – if it’s been a bad year, it’s ending soon; if it’s been a great year, there’s lots to reflect on and learn to keep going into the new year. Just a few thoughts.

One – “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

Two -“Jingle Bell Rock”

Three – “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” I also really love the version of this song in “Home Alone” as lil’ Kevin is trying to keep the burglars at bay. Fun times.

In fact, here’s a bonus video of the same song but to “Home Alone.” Hope you enjoy this one ha!

So I did try to pick a few less annoying songs. I hope it worked. If not, remember you’re under no obligation to listen to any of my sets. It’s all in fun.

So some final notes on Dec. 5:

β€’ Allegedly today is Bathtub Party Day (this may be useful as many states right now are in a freeze – so make a hot bath and hop in and get warm! It’s going to be very cold tonight in many places!).

β€’ Repeal Day – The 21st Amendment ends Prohibition! Go out and have a drink (but PLEASE be responsible – don’t drink and drive and certainly don’t be drinking out in the frigid air tonight – thank you!)

A note from Dec. 4 (that I didn’t get around to mentioning):

β€’ Santa’s List Day (I’m hoping you all made his nice list; I’m a little worried about you Kenneth (*wink), but maybe you’ve been good enough here at the end to make up for it ha!).


3 responses to “Merry December: Select-A-Set Thursday (Disney Christmas)

  1. Hey, I asked Santa for a date with natalie portman for 7 straight years and now she’s married! I’m starting to think Santa don’t give a flying f…..whoops, I mean, god bless us….everyone! (thanks tiny Tim!) …

    Home alone was made by Disney? I didn’t know that…..

    And to be honest…ive always like Disney and all, I’ve made my pilgrimages to both Disney land in Cali and Disney word in Florida so many times I’ve honestly lost count (honestly)……but I’ll tell ya what…last time I stayed at one of Disney’s hotels in Orlando for 5 days and the cost was a quaint little $1400 and I looked up the price that it would cost me if I do the same trip nxt year;$2700……so uh…I’m trying really hard to see the happiness behind those figures…..

    God bless us…everyone (thanks tiny Tim) …. πŸ˜‰

    • No never said Home Alone was a Disney flick, just included it because it’s a fun one haha. As for the prices, yeah I’m pretty sure I said I wasn’t discussing that part today lol, along with the whole corporation bit, yadda yadda. I agree the prices are freakin’ outrageous but I was focusing more on the movies/music for the moment not the amusement parks. Those are things that, while still pricey, are much more manageable and still make people happy. πŸ™‚ For a guy who is always talking about needing more love in this world, you sure are cranky and cynical LOL. It’s a shame πŸ˜‰

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