Thankful Nov. Day 27: Thankful for Friends



You type in “friends” in a Google Images search engine and there’s a litany of photos from the television series “Friends.” This certainly makes sense for multiple reasons. All six characters were so different from each other and yet take away one from the group and it just didn’t feel right. There was a missing puzzle piece.

Making friends isn’t all that difficult in some ways. It’s meeting and making friends with the right ones that’s so difficult. It seems like in my experience and hearing from others about their experiences, it takes only moments, maybe even seconds, to make a great friend. There is an instant connection, a feeling you get when talking to someone who just “gets” you. It’s like “Rachel” and “Monica” – they have “this” (there used to be a little hand gesture indicating a bond).

I haven’t always been able to keep in touch with my friends as much as I would like at times. I’m in a different time zone, I have a job that makes it so I need to be somewhat cautious of who I’m friends with and it hasn’t been easy to make a lot of friends where I’m at. I tend to spend more time alone than I’d prefer but I manage to do okay. Despite the difficulties, I’m so blessed to have friends who I know I can count on at any time.

I’ve had a couple of rough moments, extra stressful days lately and I’ve had those closest friends right there to let me vent. They’ve heard me whine and moan and didn’t tell me to shut up, that I was annoying. They heard me out, they lent me their shoulder when I needed them most. Only special people do that. Only those who are truly friends will take a time out from work in the middle of the day and let you cry. Real friends are able to take a moment out of her busy day as a mom to let you spill your heart out for a few minutes.

I have a few friends who I don’t get to talk to on any kind of regular basis. They’re married (or in a serious relationship) and/or have children. They have very busy, filled lives and I’m here. It’s a bummer to not get to talk regularly, to get that chat time more often. It’s not always all that easy to go long droughts without having those silly conversations and laughs over tiny things.

The one thing about waiting though, is that it really makes those bonds stronger I think. The conversations have to be a bit longer and when you get to see each other, it means so much more. You have to make more of the visit than usual because it may be a long time before you see each other again. Those memories seem to be a bit stronger. Okay so to be fair that may partially be because there’s not as many being made, but still, you get my drift. It’s really an amazing feeling to be able to know that you can go weeks or months, maybe even a year or longer, without talking and be able to pick up the conversation right where you left off previously. That’s a real friendship.

I’ve been so fortunate in this life to have several friends like this. I still maintain pretty good friendships with several of the finest women I’ve had the privilege of knowing. I’m not real sure how come I’ve been lucky enough to make their acquaintance but I have and I couldn’t be more thankful. They’re all very good people; people who are raising little ones who I know will be good people also. Good moms these ladies are or will be and they’re changing the world for the better by doing so. Those who, are like myself, single and no kids, are still having a positive impact in this world simply by being who they are and by being in it. They help me be a better person all the time. I’ve had the good fortune of also having several great male friends also so they most definitely have earned just as much gratitude.

To wrap it all up… here’s: “In My Life” by The Beatles


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