Thankful Nov. Day 22: Thankful for Sleep



After a long week, that still means one more day for me and lots more writing, I have to say that sleep is definitely something I’m thankful for these days. I haven’t had nearly enough and it’s making life difficult.

I find that I don’t always sleep as well as I used to and there could be a number of reasons for this. Well, I should say that it’s easier for me to not sleep as well as I used to and it’s unfortunate. First, there’s the simple fact of sleep is nice. It’s nice to be in a warm, comfortable bed, though that does make it tough to get up and out of bed in the morning.

Second, sleep has influence in one’s well being. Of course, there’s the obvious sleep means rest, rest means you can get things done. You have the energy to keep going and at a good pace. Being well-rested means a person can function better and the brain is ready to go. Think of all that can be done, completed, accomplished when feeling refreshed and your brain isn’t all screwy from exhaustion.

The thing about getting regular sleep and enough of it, it helps with all kinds of things including weight loss (so I’ve read in recent articles). I hear that part of why one doesn’t sleep well is because of being overweight but the hard part is, it becomes easier to lose weight if you sleep well. It’s the chicken and the egg situation… which one has to come first to help the other. Personally, I pick sleep first.

I really appreciate all this given my situation and my need to get rested. The last several days in particular it seems like there’s so much I need to get done but I run out of time but stay up late trying to get it done but then try and get up early to get it done. It’s exhausting. Today was a particularly long day and I’m wiped out and read for sleep to come. I think about how tired I am and then think about how difficult it must be for those who consistently can’t sleep. I can’t imagine how troublesome it has to be to have to find a way to function without enough rest.

Everything becomes so much harder – driving, working, even just doing really simple tasks can be problematic. Just on one single day of exhaustion I feel like I have a cloud surrounding my head, I can’t imagine having that same cloud around my brain every single day. How annoying that would be! Annoying is probably the least of it really. Sure for a few days you can muster through, down the coffee or other caffeinated beverage or use those energy drinks (*shutters* – those things are scary in my mind) to make things happen, but that can only last for so long. There comes a point where the mind, body and even the soul scream out in pain from not getting rest.

It’s amazing to me but sleep is one of those things that most of us take for granted. Most get the rest they need or want and it’s not a big deal, until that one night when you really need rest and you can’t get to sleep. It’s suddenly one of those things you can’t seem to live without because you can’t get enough of it. No, I prefer to be grateful for sleep frequently. I give thanks by making sure to sleep in on occasion and hug my pillow. Oh bed is so comfy and warm… yep, it’s calling my name about now. Goodnight all!


7 responses to “Thankful Nov. Day 22: Thankful for Sleep

  1. holy s**t jen….okay by my count; of the sixteen newstories on the desert sun homepage you wrote 14 of them???? is that how many articles you are writing every day? I mean I realize they are short articles but that still seems like a ton. your mind must be going a mile a minute all day long just shifting gears from one topic to the next….. (you can see I had a little bit of free time this morning so I clicked on all sixteen of those articles lol!)

    • first… do you mean the desert star? lol…. second – no i don’t write that many per day; it’s my job to get at least that many done per week (because it’s a weekly paper) and i try my best but that doesn’t always work out. i typically get about six or seven stories done per week but i also do photography and probably briefs (super short stories) so yes i’m very busy. im a bit behind this week so today i have to do like six or seven just today which is not my ideal situation at all but it happens. so yes sleep is good for me and right now im also way behind in my letters (that’s my fault) so i have a crap ton of writing to do this weekend also lol. it’s all good. i love to write. 🙂

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