Thankful Nov. Day 21: Thankful for Variety (select-a-set)

So shame on me. The way November works I’m supposed to post something every day and I dropped the ball yesterday. I apologize all. So today, I must post two – one for yesterday and one for today. Please bear with me.

Yesterday I wanted to talk about being thankful for variety. This can mean virtually anything – food, people, clothes, locations, but for this post, I’m focused on music. I never could understand how people are stuck on just one or two forms of music. That’s so bland I think. I love variety!

I think part of why I love so many different types of music is because it means finding something that can express what I’m feeling and when. Sometimes I feel like dancing so I’ll listen to something upbeat that I can dance do. Sometimes I want to listen to something kind of calm or quiet, so I may listen to Enya or some slower bluegrass tunes. The list goes on and I like that.

Variety is what helps keep life interesting. I’m grateful for that. I can’t imagine life ever really get boring but what better way to keep things flowing than awesome tunes. I just can’t imagine not having all these different songs to listen to or not wanting to – how much I’d miss out on and that would be tragic.

Here’s just some samples of my varied taste. I do have a very eclectic taste in music so I hope you all don’t mind.

The Flys – “Got You Where I Want You.” This song has fond memories for me for one, but I also love the simplicity of the tune. It just gets me every time.

The Wailin’ Jennys – “Deeper Well.” This is a cover of an Emmylou Harris song. These ladies really can sing and I just love it, but they’re also amazing musicians. This is more along the lines of quiet or calm – well maybe not this specific tune but generally, singer/songwriter type music is something I’m listening to when I need calm in my world.

Last but not least – “Breakin’ Me” – Jonny Lang. I’m a blues girl. I like the blues – it’s just good stuff. It can rock or it can break your heart like this tune. First Lang’s voice is so amazing and full of heartache. His voice is a bit smokey and couldn’t be more bluesy if he tried. The piano just adds such an emotional touch that it makes the tune in my mind. This is just an any time song but definitely when I’m a bit melancholy, I know I can turn to Jonny and have my feelings expressed for me.

This is just a sample of my varied taste. It gets more crazy. It really does. I realize this could be better and I apologize. I’m running short on time and have lots to do, so I’m trying to get it all done. Anyway, please stay tuned as I have another coming today to get me back on track for Thankful November.


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