Thankful Nov. Day 15: Thankful for Taste buds



I’m a bit late in writing this one also… oops. It also took me a little bit to finalize what I wanted to write about. It’s amazing when I did this on Facebook it was a bit easier. This is probably because it was just a short blurb and now I need to write a full post. Of course, a year ago I wasn’t doing as much writing as I’m doing now either. That does change the atmosphere a bit.

Anyway, the last few days or so I’ve been talking with an acquaintance and part of our conversation has centered on food. We have a mutual experience of having been to Italy. Let me tell you… the Italians know a lot about food (amongst many other things). There was talk of wine and pasta and risotto. It brought back many fond memories for me.

My love of food can and often does, get me into trouble. This is something I need to get in check for my own reasons, but that’s for another post. I am thankful that I have my taste buds. There is so much life that would be missed without them.

I realize, like with any of the senses, that folks have to learn to live without certain ones at different times in their lives. Clearly, life, and a good life, is bigger than just one sense or two, or even all of them, but they certainly help a lot. Taste buds are no different. Food certainly isn’t everything so life without them can be grand.

For me though, I’m so grateful I have them because I can help recall times, places and people. I feel that flavors help enrich life and just make it that much sweeter. I really like it when I try something new for the first time and it’s usually with family or friends and so that “taste” sticks with me. I don’t always like the actual taste all that much, but the laughter or jokes that come with it are the memories that last.

There is the fact that having taste can help discern good from bad too. Taste, similarly to sound, can be a warning. There are just some things that are never meant to be eaten and it’s easier to know this by the way it tastes. This is partly why some items that are tasteless, but bad, are extra bad. It’s more difficult to identify that what you’re eating or drinking is harmful. Haven’t you ever seen “The Princess Bride” and the Iocaine powder scene? If you haven’t, please let me recommend it. Okay so Iocaine itself isn’t real, but there certainly other actual poisons that will do the same thing, or very similar. Regardless, you get my drift. Taste serves to do more than just make us happy.

This is a short one, but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that. On occasion it’s best to be to the point. I will leave you with the scene from “The Princess Bride” because… well I love it. It’s funny and proves my point… even if fictional.


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