Thankful Nov. Day 7: Thankful for Sound



I started this blog on the basic idea of using a theme and writing about it regularly. In fact, it’s supposed to be daily, like I have been so far this month. The daily writing is because I’m supposed to have some different element to explore. It started with a game, if you can call it that, on Facebook with being thankful every day in November because of Thanksgiving. I ended up using that same concept for February (the Love Month as I called it) and March (Lucky March as I nicknamed it). Every day I posted something about loving something or being lucky for some reason.

That same principal applies here only I can take more time and space to fully express a thought. Now my only hangup is that this blog goes beyond just the themes and I do write about other topics. I also have recently expanded, again, but to include my love of music in various ways. Given the rules of keeping to my theme but also wanting to write about elements of my life, my viewpoints on other happenings, music, etc., I’d have to write on this blog two, three or even four times a day to hit all that I want. I don’t have time for that business, particularly because I also volunteer which means writing letters to deployed military men and women. I could be better at managing my time but still, that’s not happening.

So my solution: make it so my thoughts, viewpoints and music, etc., all fit the theme. Therefore – today I’m thankful for sound. That may sound ridiculous but think about it – how much of our world we’d miss out on if we couldn’t hear. I hope that doesn’t come out sounding disrespectful to anyone without hearing, because it’s not intended to be. Without hearing or without sound, lots of life can be lived and lived well. I simply mean that sound is a spice that adds flavor to life that can’t be had any other way. There are lots of other ways to spice up life, it just happens to be that I enjoy sound as being one that I use.

When I say sound, I mean sound. I’m talking about things like the sound of rain and thunder. There’s the sound of wind chimes or birds singing. Those kinds of sounds can be so relaxing especially after a long, stressful day. It’s good to have sounds that help a person’s heart and soul that way.

There’s also sounds that help warn us. We need those sounds to help us avoid hazardous situations. I don’t like hearing those sounds and yet, I’m grateful for them so I can do what I need to in order to protect myself and others. There’s also other sounds like that of the microwave dinging and you know dinner or water has been heated, or the clicking sound of a door opening or closing so you know someone is coming or going. There’s so many sounds that help tell the story of our lives. It’s a fascinating soundtrack.

I’m also taking some time to reflect on some very wise words a friend spoke of today. If you haven’t read The Culture Monk, you should. He wrote about beauty and taking the time to find it in everyday life. I agree wholeheartedly with what he had to say. That’s part of why I do Thankful November. I am wanting to take the time to be grateful for what I do have in life and to see the beauty that exists in the everyday things. I can’t help but feel that if as a society we took the time to be thankful for what we do have, take the time to see the beauty that does exist instead of always looking at the negative, perhaps life would be vastly different.

On that note, I shall leave you all with a few samples of relaxing sounds that help out in life. These are just some samples of wonderful sounds that help make life more enjoyable.

First – Thunder and Rain. I love the sound of thunder and rain. The pitter patter of rain is so relaxing and thunder rumbling in the distance is amazing.

Second – I love the sound of birds chirping and singing. There is also some wind rustling leaves which is also very relaxing. Birds singing is always a good sound, indicating spring and nice weather.

Third – wind chimes. I love the sound of wind chimes. I’m posting two samples because I just really liked what I had to hear, plus I like to have variety of in my life. The second sample of wind chimes is Japanese wind chimes. I hope you enjoy!


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