Thankful November Day 2: Thank You WordPress!



So this is day two of Thankful November. For the background, check here. I wanted to take today to thank WordPress and more importantly, my followers and even the random readers for stopping by and reading my blog. This means a lot to me.

I started this blog partly because of a project that started on Facebook but also partly because I wanted to use this opportunity to work on my writing skills. I have several personal and even professional and I chose WordPress to be one of the vehicles to get me to my goals.

I have all these plans for myself and I had to get started somewhere. I did some research, looked a several options and finally decided that WordPress would be the best venue for me. I wanted to be able to post blogs, of course, but also photos and music and who knows what else as I go along. Maybe one day I’ll get really adventurous and create my own video. Wouldn’t that be something?

Anyway, when I started this little adventure, I really wasn’t sure what would come of it. I had a vague notion that I would write to my little heart’s desire and in the process find my voice, if you will, get a few readers (if I were lucky) and make myself a better writer. I had no idea that it would mean having as many readers as I do. I didn’t know it would mean finding so many talented writers and artists,  music blogs and more. A whole new world was opened up to me. This is a big deal for me.

If you are new to this blog or just passing through, it turns out I live in a small city without any family anywhere nearby and I have few friends. I realize that probably makes me sound a bit pathetic but it’s not all bad. The reasons for my somewhat isolated life is part of that process of continuing on my professional journey and sacrifices were needed. It just so happens, however, that starting this blog has helped me to overcome a level of loneliness that can happen when you’re isolated. I’ve met some pretty amazing people through this blog (only online but I feel I’ve somewhat gotten to know some folks through their blogs) and my world has opened up again. This is so important to me!

Then there’s the folks to choose to follow my blog. I often struggle with feeling like I’m accomplishing much or getting far with this blog so it’s so nice to come home, log on and see more followers. It’s nice to get a compliment on a piece I spent some extra time on for some reason. I hoped to get “enough” readers but didn’t know I would get as many as I do. Thank you all so much for flattering me by stopping by, reading, commenting, liking my posts. I’m still not sure I’m nearly close to the kind of writer I hope to be, but with more practice, I’ll find that so-called voice and totally excel. We shall see. Thank you all for being patient and letting me be me… silly, off the wall and who knows what else.


3 responses to “Thankful November Day 2: Thank You WordPress!

  1. thankful November….hmmm…what am I thankful for;

    –) I’m thankful that I have the best taste in music of all human beings that exist
    –) I’m thankful that I have the best take in movies of all human beings that exist
    Yup, I’m thankful that I’m so wonderful…..

    just kidding 😉

    seriously though, I’m thankful that we ‘met’ :0)

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