Select-A-Set: Halloween, Pt. 7 (Halloween Party 1)



Okay so this Halloween/October bit is winding down. I want to end these last couple of days on a “happy” Halloween “note” with great party tunes! Halloween is great for a lot of things, especially a gathering of friends in costume. I’m listing what I believe to be the essential Halloween party songs. There are clearly more and this is a two-part bit so don’t think I’m forgetting any important tunes. *wink*

First up – “Jump in Line” – Harry Belafonte best known from the final scene in “Beetlejuice.” This a a fun tune and how can you not get up and dance? Plus it was in “Beetlejuice” – a very fun Halloween type movie.

Second – “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Okay so I have a bit of a confession here – I’ve never seen this film. Please don’t throw any tomatoes! Yes this is something I need to fix and I will. Despite not seeing this movie, I love this song. It’s another great Halloween party tune and a great way to get everyone jazzed for the evening.

Third – The Searchers – “Love Potion no. 9.” Talk about making a powerful brew… this is a fun song about trying to make love happen with a little extra help from an unusual concoction. Sometimes, we just need a little help with finding love. This is also just fun to have on the stereo while dancing the night away.

Bonus song: I wanted to include Bing Crosby’s “Headless Horseman” from Disney’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” for a few reasons. One – I always loved that movie! Two – it’s the headless horseman… need I say more? It just felt like a decent fit particularly if there’s kids at your shindig.

There’s one more “ride” yet to come – so stay tuned listeners!


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