Select-A-Set: Halloween, Pt. 6 (generally eerie)



Halloween is just days away and I’m finishing up with this theme. I do have a few final tricks up my sleeve. Again, my dad was helping me out and we came up with a set that didn’t have one theme such as pumpkins, ghosts, or vampires, but really more like songs that give you an eerie feeling or have a slightly creepy message. The devil, the reaper and just being dead on arrival tend to be Halloween related, don’t you think?

First – The Foo Fighters – “DOA (Dead on Arrival).” Personally, I think the chorus sums it up and is pretty creepy.

“It’s a shame we have to die, my dear
No one’s getting out of here alive this time
What a way to go, but have no fear
No one’s getting out of here alive this time”

This song may be more figurative than literal, but nonetheless, the idea of not getting out alive is not a good feeling to have.

Second – Inxs – “The Devil’s Party.” Halloween has a history of a close association with the Devil as there’s spooks, goblins, ghouls and other demon-like critters running around, allegedly. There is also the fact that the Devil is considered to be part of the Halloween history particularly associated with witchcraft, etc. There could be no Halloween select-a-set without something mentioning the devil. Here INXS explores the darker side to living in excess and the punishment that then goes along with it. It’s a great pop tune so it’s a great addition to the party list for Halloween. The imagery in this video are also incredibly creepy.

Third – last, but not least, Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” The talk of redefining love and being like Romeo and Juliet as a way of that definition is a little eerie. The idea of running to the Reaper (to death) as a way of being together forever, again a little eerie. I’m all for love, not sure it should mean suicide to make it last forever. But then again, there are worse things to die for right? This song also makes it because it’s a classic. The intro alone is highly recognizable. Either way, it’s a fun tune and makes for a great addition to the Halloween party playlist.


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