Select-A-Set Thursday: Halloween, pt. 4 (The Living Dead-Zombies)



I know I may be overdoing it on the select-a-sets this month, but I did say in my About Me page that I tend to be all over and right now I’m focused on music. It doesn’t help that my dad and I were going through and coming up with more ideas. That’s always fun. I just find it’s a fun way to explore all the different elements of Halloween. Besides, who doesn’t love music?

I don’t need to tell you that people have a love affair with zombies. Personally, I’m not fond of living dead beings feeding on brains, particularly if they’re after my brains. However, they are a big part of Halloween and certainly have become a big part of pop culture, i.e. “The Walking Dead,” and various movies. I admit I love “Army of Darkness” with Bruce Campbell, the king of campy zombie movies. Stories of zombies originate from various locations namely Africa and Haiti. Voodoo definitely plays a part in bringing back the dead in a “zombie” state so the person who brought the dead back can control the zombie. There’s more to the stories and they vary as do most of these types of things, but that’s the general idea.

The love affair with zombies has grown to where some people are convinced the zombie apocalypse is coming… but when and how is not yet known. I remember watching as show on The History Channel exploring the possibility that such apocalypse is really a possibility. I have to admit it got me thinking, especially given the folklore involving zombies and voodoo being a part of it- it makes a person think. So here you go – a few zombie tunes for your Halloween party! Hope you enjoy!

First – Tom Petty’s “Zombie Zoo.” This was a “dad suggestion.” It’s a fun, upbeat song about dancing at a zombie zoo; nothing too out of the ordinary.

Second – ALO’s “Dead Still Dance.” I have to admit to not knowing this song previously. Again, this is a dad suggestion. I do like it though! Who say’s zombie songs have to be dead or slow? Besides, I’m thinking zombies still like music and therefore like to dance.

Lastly -Horrorpop’s “Walk like a Zombie.” This last one is a little more “typical” zombie music. It’s still a bit upbeat and has a very fun “Twilight Zone-like” intro.


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