Who Would Want to Buy a Haunted House?



I felt a need to comment on this article I just read real quick with you all. I found it a bit interesting and certainly brings up a few questions for me. I’ve decided it’s Halloween related so it works.

This article, which you can read here, talks about a report by realtor.com. The website reports more than half of those surveyed were open to buying a haunted home. Really? I can’t imagine why. Of the 1,400 people surveyed, approximately 35 percent claimed to have already lived in a haunted home. That’s kind of a lot in my mind. It’s enough to make me consider finding out who those folks are and where they lived so I know NOT to live in their former homes.

There’s a few things here that automatically come to mind, such as WHY would you be willing to buy a home that could be haunted? I realize many out there don’t even believe in ghosts and that’s fine, but for the sake of argument, let’s assume ghosts are real and we just avoid that portion of the discussion for now. Haunted homes typically have a lot of history and that history isn’t always so cutesy. In fact, it tends to be down right horrific and/or depressing. The homes that tend to be haunted, or allegedly haunted, have stories that may include murder or some other death that’s tragic and unexpected, witchcraft or I suppose there could be the fact that the previous owner just loved that home and doesn’t care to leave… ever… even in the afterlife. I realize that new homes aren’t always available or perhaps you want a fixer upper for some reason, but wouldn’t those stories give you chills, even if there weren’t any ghosts? I’m not sure I could be comfortable sleeping in the same bedroom where someone choose to end his or her life due to depressing circumstances or continue to cook in a kitchen where someone was murdered. Those are a bit extreme cases but you get my point. It almost feels sacrilegious to me or at least disrespectful.

But here’s the really funny thing that stuck out to me about this particular story. Of those surveyed, 62 percent said they MIGHT consider a haunted house, or one with a sordid history. I think it’s fair to say that most allegedly haunted houses are going to have lights that flicker, objects that move, possibly full bodied apparitions from time to time, doors that slam or maybe not actually slam but that sound exists, footsteps that belong to no one and the list goes on of various “ghostly” activities. More than half of the surveyed people said any of those things would scare them off from buying a haunted house. Maybe only some of those things would scare some and other items would scare off other people, but either way, I found myself thinking, if that’s the case, they would you even consider buying it? It just seems contradictory to me to say you’d consider it but only if those things don’t happen. Then what you’re really saying is, you don’t want a haunted house. I don’t blame you. I don’t either. It’s one thing to share the space with “Casper” or similar entity, it’s another to share it with a former axe murderer (or other not-so-good being).

The one thing I will say is this – there is getting to be enough history in our country now that the odds of getting a house with a sordid history is going to go up so the odds of getting a “haunted” house also increase. If one day I’m ever able to buy a house, knowing it’s history is high on my list of things I want to know, including if there’s been “ghostly” activity or possibly paranormal activity. If it ends up that I do buy a house like that, the first thing I’ll do, being Catholic and all, is get that house blessed and make sure the previous owners know I mean no disrespect by living in that space. If nothing else, it’s just a precautionary step.

There are others who have written about this same topic. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought this article interesting for one reason or another.

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2 responses to “Who Would Want to Buy a Haunted House?

  1. I once walked into a home that I was considering purchasing….and the minute I walked through the front door I felt this awful awful feeling. As though a murder was committed in the place or something. I’m saying the place was haunted or anything like that….but the ‘spirit’ of the place was just really oppressive and I turned the realtor and said ‘no thanks’.

    • Allegedly places with those types of feelings probably do have a “spiritual residue” if you will. Many descriptions have included “oppressive” or a weight on someone’s chest. Even if not haunted, what an ick feeling. I would be curious to find out if someone bought that house and if they had any “odd” experiences. It would be interesting to know. 🙂

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