Select-A-Set Thursday: Halloween, Pt.2 (Ghosts)



It’s time for yet another select-a-set and this time we’re focused on ghosts. For those just joining, I try and to a select-a-set of songs every Thursday. Right now because of my deep love of Halloween, I am doing a few extra sets this month to try and get all accomplished that I want to get done. You can read/listen to the first one here. Select-A-Sets are sets of three songs that have some type of unifying theme. This set is all about ghosts – real or imagined.

We start this journey with Oingo Boingo’s “Heard Somebody Cry.” Yes another tune off the “Dead Man’s Party” album (what can I day? That album is full of songs that are Halloween suitable). He talks about being a ghost, but not one without a soul, indicating it wasn’t suicide (based on theories of why people become ghosts and the thought that ghosts stick around). This song I think is spookiest at the end when the singer reveals he may have heard his own cry and given that he insists he has a soul, he indicates foul play. I have always took it as meaning he heard himself die or is in the middle of an out of body experience of sorts. Creepy.

Second – we have the very classic “Ghost Riders in the Sky” and this one I’ve chosen Johnny Cash’s version. I have always loved this song – it’s that melody. I love a good classic cowboy song/story but combine it with a ghost story and it’s all the better. Old wild west tales often have ghosts associated with them just look at old Tombstone. I wouldn’t want to run into those ghost cowboys and demon cattle, especially out in the middle of nowhere.

Third – Evanescence’s “Haunted” has an eerie sound and Amy Lee’s vocals are expressive and have that ghostly feeling. The lyrics are creepy, as any good ghost story should be. It gives you shivers down your spine and yet fascinated and curious, just like a ghostly experience may.

So, I can already hear a friend of mine (yes I’m looking at you Kenneth) making a comment about leaving out the obvious song. As a bonus song – of course there is Ray Parker, Jr.’s “Ghostbusters.” I made it the extra song instead of part of the actual set because it’s about busting ghosts – slightly different angle. Again, however, it needs to be included because no good ghost set should be without the folks to hunt down some ghosts also. It’s also just a classic to a classic movie.


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