Special Select-A-Set: Halloween, Pt.1(Werewolves)



I love Halloween! I was up late last night watching t.v. shows about celebrity ghost stories and scary places. I love it. I was telling a friend that part of the appeal of those stories are the people who experience them of course but also the story behind it. It seems that I always hear about the alleged ghosts and what their stories are – it’s usually some part of history. I find the ghosts’ stories are just as fascinating as the being haunted part. Perhaps that’s the journalist in me.

I decided that my love of October and Halloween means there’s going to be an extra select-a-set or three or four. It’ll depend on how much time I end up having. Naturally, the theme is Halloween so it can be just about any spooky or Halloween themed song or group. Let’s get this started huh?

First – “No One Lives Forever” – Oingo Boingo. I grew up listening to this album (“Dead Man’s Party”). This is probably one of the creepiest songs but it’s so perfect for Halloween. It’s not necessarily the obvious choice for werewolves but there is reference to them. This video is something someone else put together but it’s well done. Hope you enjoy!

Second – You can’t have a set of songs about werewolves and not have Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London.” It would be blasphemous. This may be what Zevon is best known for, but he did do other music that is wonderful. This song has a catchy beat and is lighthearted despite the topic. It’s always a fun tune to have when throwing a Halloween party.

Third – again, this type of set absolutely couldn’t be complete without Credence Clearwater Revival’s “Bad Moon Rising.” I realize I am actually stretching it by including a song that isn’t actually about werewolves but it’s kind of hard not to make the association when in the title it’s about a bad moon rising – the moon dictates everything when it comes to being a werewolf right? It’s also hard to not make the association with lyrics such as “Don’t go around tonight, well it’s bound to take your life, there’s a bad moon on the rise.” That just “howls” of werewolves to me (okay bad pun but I had to try). It’s another fun tune that just fits any good Halloween party. Fogerty’s vocals and the charming, upbeat rhythm is hard to resist. Enjoy!

14 responses to “Special Select-A-Set: Halloween, Pt.1(Werewolves)

  1. Jen, clearly you are a journalist smoking dope when nobody is looking….how do you mention Halloween songs and NOT MENTION THRILLER???? aren’t there werewolves in it or is just zombies??? WHO CARES! Thriller should be in PART I of every Halloween list!!! As the self appointed president of the Halloween song vault…I hereby revoke your privileges and am putting u on a 15 day suspension…..
    lol 😉

    • LOL 15 days? I’ll miss Halloween that way so nope sorry no revoking allowed on MY blog. Also it is ONLY part one and the focus was werewolves… perhaps I’m saving the best for last… did you think of that? huh? Did ya? lol Second… um since it’s a part one, there’s going to be other parts and trust me… there are plenty more very famous Halloween songs coming… including Thriller… don’t get your boxers in a twist LOL. Lastly, you’re the one who likes to listen to Bob Marley and talk about dope, how is it you’re not the one smoking? hmm

    • Kenneth… a couple of things to remember – this is MY blog so MY rules lol. Also – did it ever cross your mind I’m saving the best for last? You may consider that next time you try and revoke my rights darn it lol. Plus the theme for this particular set was werewolves – Thriller is more about zombies (yes there is a werewolf in the video but that’s beside the point). There are more sets coming just be patient. Geez. 😛 lol

  2. oh……and here is perhaps the numero uno geekiest thing about yours truly; (I love Halloween as well) and I love watching those dumb Home Improvement Halloween episodes (with Tim Allen) that they air every year…..I know I know….I’m clearly a nut

    • You are not a nut of loving Home Improvement – it was a very funny show. It’s not any different than those who watch The Simpsons’ Treehouse Horror or whatever it’s called. Everyone has their vice. 🙂 oh and quit being so grouchy lol

      • well I do love Home Improvement Halloween and I also Love The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown special lol …so I have a few ‘vices’ then but wouldn’t the term ‘guilty pleasure’ be more apropos?…ahem, ‘Miss I’ve got a journalism degree”….lmao (just being silly)

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  4. There was an Australian punk band that made a couple of albums before they folded a few years ago. Because they were Australian, I doubt you would have heard of them.
    Listen to the song Werewolves, by Short Stack, and see if this song can be added to the list.

    • I like that! Thanks again for the suggestion. That’s the kind of thing I hope to be able to do with my any of my select-a-sets – get others thinking on it and also to make suggestions. 🙂 so true story – I also found it funny that this band is called “Short Stack” because I have a college friend who calls me that (I’m only 4’8 lol so I’m Short Stack haha) 🙂

      • Ha ha, that is funny. Well, they were fairly young guys, used Myspace to actually make a name for themselves, but they broke up after only two albums. Werewolves is probably one of my favourite of their songs.

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