Select-A-Set Thursday: Día de la Raza



Oct. 12, 1492 – Christopher Columbus stumbled upon a new world but believed he really only used a new route to the East Indies. Día de la Raza, National Day of Spain, is celebrated by Spain and Latin American countries. I decided since it’s Hispanic Heritage Month for a few more days that this is what I wanted my select-a-set theme to be (mostly another way to celebrate hispanic culture in this country).

Columbus and his discovery are clearly controversial and for good reason. I don’t  want to celebrate the travesties that occurred after his discovery but rather the rich cultures that would develop from the mixing of Spanish and native blood. Many of the Latin American counties have different names for this day, all indicating the celebration of culture and diversity. While Columbus and his discovery factory in, it’s about realizing the benefits that have since come from those two worlds meeting. I always choose to celebrate music and latin music is “chillingly” good.

First – Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine’s “Conga.” Is there a better example of the Cuban beat? Fabulous, fun tune.

Second – more Los Lobos. This is one of my favorites – “La Pistola y El Corazon.” Just a beautifully sad love song. Even if you don’t understand the language, the heartache is felt in how he sings this song. Love it!

Finally, Santana featuring Alejandro Lerner on “Hoy Es Adios.” Another incredibly sad, but achingly beautiful song. I used one that had the English translation. In the comments, it’s mentioned the translation is a little too literal so perhaps some of the artistry is lost but you get the idea. Fabulous song!

These are just examples of some of our best Latin American artists. There are so many more and so many that most of this country doesn’t ever hear. It’s worth checking out Latin artists as they have much to offer!

2 responses to “Select-A-Set Thursday: Día de la Raza

  1. I think I must get momentary dyslexia when I come to your articles cuz I swear I read ” I don’t  want to celebrate the tranvestites that occurred after his discovery” …..and I had to read it a second time cuz my mind started racing as I thought; “what does Jen have against transvestites “and “I didn’t know Columbus brought transvestites to the new world….how interesting!” but alas…after my second reading it turns out Columbus only brought travesties….wouldn’t it have been so much better had he brought transvestites? At least then by the time the Pilgrims came around they might have been wearing some more colorful clothes……

    Ya know…..noticing that there is some cross readership in your comment section yesterday ….I may have to stop commenting on your blog if too many of my readers who know my blog come over here or else they will see what the “real” culture monk is ‘really’ like….we wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag….. 😉 lmao

    • LOL I have a sneaking suspicion they already know. You don’t have to stop commenting… you just have to edit or censor yourself LOL. As for transvestites… no I have no problem with them and I can’t imagine why you’d get that idea – those types of things tend to be like Freudian slips ya know… makes me wonder what’s on your mind lol. But yes, transvestites would have made things much more interesting and yet my guess is they never would have made the trip or would have been tossed overboard – people were much less tolerant than even by today’s standards (at least based on what I know of those times – I could be wrong).

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