And American Bandstand Was Born!



“American Bandstand” is an iconic music, variety television show that was seen for decades and it introduced us to Dick Clark, who we all loved. We’d see him beyond American Bandstand and for many years watched him host the New Year’s Eve party in New York.

The show started Oct. 7, 1952 and was originally named Bob Horn’s Bandstand, as Bob Horn was the host then. It was a local program aired on WFIL, channel 6 in Philadelphia. According to, it was July 9, 1957 that the show got a new, clean-cut 26-year old Dick Clark to host the show. ABC the picked up the show, renamed it American Bandstand. It was moved to Los Angeles in 1964 and from ’63 to ’87, it aired once a week on Saturdays. It completely ended it’s reign in 1989 after a short stint on USA Network hosted by David Hirsch.

To me when I think of American Bandstand, I think of all the musicians that came and went on that show. I think of all the opportunities to finally get exposed to up and coming musicians if you hadn’t already heard them. From Jerry Lee Lewis to The Jackson Five, from  The Beach Boys to Chuck Berry, from LL Cool J to Madonna. There were so many more but I can’t name them all. Dick Clark was cool enough to be able to hang with them all.

The notes that the first guest was Jerry Lee Lewis, singing “Whole Lotta Shaking Goin’ On” and the last song was Laura Branigan’s “Shattered Glass.” Imagine all the artists in between. It was a fun show but then again, I suppose I’m biased because I’m such a music hound, those kinds of things I just love.

On that note – I shall leave you with a couple of tunes by guests of the show – just makes sense doesn’t it? First – The Crystals – “He’s a Rebel”

Second – okay so I’m getting off the original path and showing a clip from the show because I watched this and thought it interesting. Here’s Dick Clark talking about a previous phone interview with The Beatles and using it as an introduction to when they would return to the show.

Well there you have it, there are more clips with interviews but that at least gives you an idea. What a fun show! It’s too bad there isn’t still something like that introducing artists and having returning artists so people can see and hear them and not just at expensive concerts, etc.


6 responses to “And American Bandstand Was Born!

  1. I tend to read very fast and when i clicked on your article I read “American Bastard” along with a picture of Dick Clark……

    Dick Clark always annoyed me (though I never referred to him as a bastard) he annoyed me because I thought..’this dude talks like an emotional robot, he hardly seems to connect with the music the way I do, and yet he gets to be a zillionaire and hang out wih rock stars? Oh the injustice!!”

    It’s similar to my feelings about Ryan Seepest, when he talks about music there is no energy or joy or emotion in his voice. It’s not that I’m jealous about the money people like him make….it’s that if Im going to listen to some host introduce music or talk about it…I want to hear someone with a ton of passion for the music.

    • I don’t necessarily feel that way about Dick Clark. I couldn’t say about Ryan Seacrest I never watch American Idol (I hate reality tv). I thought Clark did some good interviews and certainly had some interesting folks come through. I agree I like for someone to be passionate about it but I think that doesn’t always come out the way we’d like it to, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 🙂

      • LOL omg the things I have learned about you in two days – clearly a “boob guy” and you don’t like dick… that’s just wow. It’s probably a good thing I don’t get too many commenters for the moment or who knows what responses I’d be getting to these sidebar talks we have haha.

  2. Well Stormy 1812, what you wished for yesterday has come true! So now you have “me” in your sidebar talks. And I do find you using…. hmmm! ….un-parliamentary language ( in a parliamentary sense!)

    So, are you a fan of Paulo Coelho , that Brazilian Lyricist turned novelist, if I may ask ?

    And, by the way, loved the post 🙂


    • I have to admit I am not. I don’t know who he is but I’ll have to be sure to check him out. As for my parliamentary use of un-parliamentary language – I will have to watch that. 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

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