Farewell September, Hello October!

courtesy/mycutegraphics.com (october clip art)

courtesy/mycutegraphics.com (october clip art)

September was fabulous. There were so many more things I could have and wanted to write about but finally didn’t have time. I would have loved to have written about the first safety pin being invented (I’m sure there’s a ton of awesome material there), or National Milkshake Day, National Apple Dumpling Day, National Cheese Pizza Day, or better yet, National Play-doh Day (that would have been a fun one). Alas, I can’t get to them all but now I definitely have plenty to look forward to for next year. I will say I was bummed I didn’t get to Positive Thinking Day. That’s an important one for sure but next time.

It’s now onto probably one of my favorite months of not THE favorite month – October! Every month I try and write to a theme but allow myself to deviate on occasion and so this month it’s all things Halloween/October. I love it here in Needles because it means a lot of fun activities and this usually means a ton of work for me and I’ll be crazy-busy but that’s okay. It keeps me out of trouble. I know, I’m talking about work for a moment Kenneth, don’t get too mad at me haha. The Centennial Celebration is coming up on Friday through Sunday and that will be one very fun event, assuming all goes according to plan. The other big events this month for work include the Fort Mojave Indian Days, which is always interesting and full of culture. In a small town, homecoming is a big deal and weeklong event. I love getting up to the high school and getting photos of the crazy spirit days – those kids have too much fun. There’s also the Kiddie Parade by the PTA from the elementary school. The kids in their extra Halloween costumes are so darn cute! It’s ridiculous. So there you have it – all the weekends covered in events. Lots of work but also really, a lot of fun.

in , USA

in , USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For me, October also really means Halloween. It means pumpkins, pumpkin pie, fall colors (when I was in Colorado), crunchy leaves (again when I was in Colorado haha) and more of the like. I’m a huge fan of Halloween. I love the lore and being something of an adrenaline junkie, I love a good ghost story. This is probably why I love watching shows like “Ghost Hunters” or “Ghost Mine” on SyFy haha. Silly… perhaps, but I enjoy them. I also love going to haunted houses – erm… not real ones just the ones for Halloween. I avoid the real deal if I can help it haha. I have been to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colo. That’s an amazing place but spooky as hell. If you don’t know, that hotel served as the inspiration to Stephen King’s “The Shinning.” Once you’ve been there you’d know why. It’s beautiful in an absolutely gorgeous location but spooky.

I’m a huge fan of Tim Burton also. I love Halloween themed movies and Tim Burton is the essence of Halloween if you ask me. I really enjoy “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “The Corpse Bride” and who doesn’t love “BeetleJuice?” For me, October is nothing but fun and silliness. It’s where I really get to allow my inner-child be at play and take over for a month. It’s a fun  holiday because there’s no real expectations of a person (like having to get gifts, etc. – not that anyone HAS to give gifts but you know what I mean). Candy is not cheap for handing out and yet it’s so cute to see the kids come by in their costumes.

It’s my hope this year to get dressed up and hopefully get to Las Vegas for something Halloween related. Vegas is a relatively short drive from me (an hour and a halfish) and so it doesn’t seem like it would be too bad to be able to go and have a very fun time there. Okay so Vegas for ANY holiday will be insane and yet, super fun – Sin City on All Hallow’s Eve – great combination if you ask me. I can just imagine the shenanigans up there. For once, I’d love to be in on it! My life has been too safe for too long I say. October/Halloween is a great time to loosen up, don’t you agree?

So to you October/Halloween, I say bring on the hot chocolate or apple cider, scary movies and music, cobwebs, ghosts, ghouls, gobblins, pumpkins and even the Great Pumpkin and more. Happy October all!


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