Autumn has arrived!

credit: me/ a local decoration that i love :)

credit: me/ a local decoration that i love 🙂

It’s here… finally! Today is the first day of autumn and I’m loving it. I’m still in Needles so it’s still hot, but this fine morning there was a nice brisk breeze. I could tell autumn was riding on that breeze and I was soaking it up. In fact, I’m having a cup of hot chocolate to commemorate the event. I really love this time of year.

For some, autumn’s arrival is a melancholy thing but it isn’t for me. There are so many good things about it, not even including finally the temperatures coming down from the rafters. There are the holidays (Halloween/Thanksgiving), pumpkins, pumpkin pie, homecoming, all the fall events out here that I enjoy covering for the newspaper and more. Overall, it’s a fun time.

I’m the most excited about Halloween. I love all the spook stories, goblins, etc. It is definitely on my agenda this year to get to a “haunted house” at some point. I love those things! I love the adrenaline rush of getting scared or startled or whatever you want to call it. I love a good ghost story. Again, it’s the adrenaline rush I get by getting spooked. A good ghost story, in my mind, also has a wonderful… well story. The characters are relatable and the experience something we can see ourselves experiencing. The best ones have a colorful history as the backdrop that helps bring it all together. October is chalk full of great things like that and it’s just around the corner.

I don’t get to see them living out here, but one of my favorite things when I was in Colorado is the fall colors. The changing of the leaves is so amazing! I know people complain about having rack the leaves, but I love it. It’s free exercise and then there’s also the chance to jump in the leaves and be silly! I love the crunchy sound beneath my feet when I step on a fallen leave. There’s just something fun about it like popping the bubbles of the bubble wrap. It’s the best part of childhood all over again.

credit: me/ during the changing of the colors west of Salida, Colo.; such beauty particularly at sunrise

credit: me/ during the changing of the colors west of Salida, Colo.; such beauty particularly at sunrise

There’s lots to love about fall. Yes there are shorter days and the weather cools off – for some too much so, but for me, it’s a blessing. I hope everyone finds something magical about this time of year because it is in my mind. So here I leave  you with The Doors, “Indian Summer” as part of this introduction into autumn. Happy Autumn All!


5 responses to “Autumn has arrived!

  1. Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen’ Jen, methinks you have gone astray! The doors for the first day of autumn….no, no, no… about “California dreamin” (aka all the leaves are brown) by da mamas and da papas, “October road” by James Taylor, “true colors” by cyndi lauper or “autumn song” by van Morrison……ah…there we go, now the music world on stormys blog has been set right 😉 (nice post btw)

    • LOL you’re in a feisty moood – okay i must admit to overlooking california dreaming (i know the irony right? given im in california haha) and i had thought about true colors but eh i liked the doors sorry. 🙂 but i’ll remember those other songs for sure – thanks for the suggestions 😀

  2. ha a yea I was thinking….okay, she’s in cali….writes a post about the first day of autumn….well its gotta be “all the leaves are brown and the skies are grey…..” oooooo those lyrics give me the chills! I love it!

  3. btw…have you seen the Netflix original series “House of cards” with Kevin Spacey??? Dude…I started watching this week and 1) i’m hooked 2) I now want to be a beat reporter in Washington d.c!!! lol fun stuff

    • i have netflix but no i haven’t watched that series. im terrible about series. i get started and then never finish lol. im such a movies person and now trying to do a ton of other things. i barely watch new television. right now i’ve started with sleepy hallow – i love it! i also like once upon a time but we shall see what happens. gosh a beat reporter in d.c. would be tough but im sure very interesting. im good being at a small paper haha. 🙂

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