Select-A-Set Thursday: Feel The Latin Beat



The Latin beat is prevalent in lots of music these days. It’s so easy to dance to, to listen to and to get lost in it. There are so many choices of Latin music to listen to anymore. With it being Hispanic Heritage Month, I figured it made sense to focus in on some of this lovely music.

I start with absolutely one of my favorite bands – Los Lobos. They can just about do it all if you ask me. There’s a lot of music I could have chosen for this select-a-set, but I decided to go with this one for now – “Sabor A Mi.” It’s all sung in Spanish but so just you get the idea it’s a love song about how this couple’s love has lasted so long and strong that her “flavor” will always be with him and his will always be with her.

The second song is Selena and David Byrne. Selena was an up and coming Latin artist who’s life was tragically cut short because a woman in her inner circle betrayed Selena, stole money and proceeded to shoot her when Selena confronted her. It was truly a significant loss to the Hispanic community. David Byrne was from “Talking Heads” but has since moved onto solo work. This is a wonderful tune and love that Latin beat!

No set of this nature could EVER be complete without some Santana so here he is with Rob Thomas from the “Supernatural” album. This is “Smooth,” among my favorites. Santana is always a wonderful blend of all things Latin, along with rock, a touch of jazz and funk. It’s wonderful to dance to!

Hope you enjoy and can get up and dance!


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