Landon Donovan… Will You Marry Me?



Okay let’s be honest… I’m not really proposing but it’s certainly crossed my mind. I’m naturally introverted so I don’t even have the guts to ask a guy for a date, let alone marriage but hey, I got you to take a look right? That works for me.

Landon, who in his 15 year career, has become one of my favorite male soccer players period. He’s certainly been one of the best, if not THE best in U.S. history. I remember watching him in the 2010 World Cup and was so impressed by what he was able to accomplish. He had such a phenomenal performance. I am looking for more of that this year.

This all stems from having watched the World Cup qualifying match between rivals Mexico and the U.S. Showing much needed depth, the U.S. won 2-0, possibly eliminating Mexico from qualifying. That’s a little sad to be honest because Mexico is a good team and have a wonderful history, but for the U.S. to step up the way they did, is a very good sign. I love it!

There was a lot of talk about if the bench players could step it up when so many starters were unavailable for various reasons – injury or cards – Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley among them. I’m still getting up to speed with all these new players so forgive me if I don’t name them all but I was impressed by their ability to fill in those big shoes and do well. Eddie Johnson had a hell of a game and that first goal off his header was stunning.

The second goal, well naturally, that was my boy Landon (okay so he’s not mine but you get my drift). A lovely cross, barely touched mind you, from Clint Dempsey and Landon was there to poke it in… made my heart skip a beat, particularly knowing that he was playing with pink eye – that couldn’t have been fun. I think what I love the most about Landon is I feel like he reads the game like I used to when I used to play – always there to follow up in what’s referred to as the back door.

Okay, so I know how that sounds… arrogant. It’s not about that. It’s just about having similar playing style (or so I feel) and it’s just one more thing to have in common. We both love soccer (he again confirmed this tonight in his interview) and have similar playing styles – these things are important to have in a marriage – just saying. I remember telling my dad that while on the phone watching Landon play in the 2010 World Cup, so this theory of mine is nothing new. I’m really just being silly but still… it’s great to see him out there and being a major part of this team as I’ve come to know him to be, especially given that he took a hiatus to try and figure out just what he wanted to do with his career. I can relate to that but it was scary to think he was about to walk away. That will happen eventually, as it does for all athletes, but I wasn’t ready for that and thankfully, he wasn’t either… at least not just yet.

So some real points I want to make in this post. Yes, I’m excited for Landon, etc., but really I’m just as excited for this men’s team. I grew up watching this team with the likes of Alexi Lalas, Cobi Jones, Marcelo Balboa, Tony Meola and more. This is a team that’s truly becoming a contender in a sport that the U.S. is really still working to make a name for itself. Personally, the women’s team has long since done that as far as I’m concerned but I’ll talk about those fabulous ladies in another post.

While always rooting for the U.S., they never really could make it to the next level. In the last couple of decades, qualifying for the World Cup is something that’s become more consistent for them. In fact, let me correct myself, from what I understand, they haven’t missed qualifying since 1986. For a country that really is far behind the European and Latin American countries in terms of talent and love of the game, that’s a big deal. Contrary to popular belief, this wonderful sport of soccer is growing in this country and I see a bright future for both U.S. national teams. The furthest we’ve reached, thus far, is the quarter final round in 2002 but that 2010 tournament was a great run.

I don’t know for sure just where things will lead but right now, knowing that we have depth and the kind of talent that exists, this could be another great run for this U.S. team. I’m definitely getting quite excited for the World Cup. The last one was amazing to see all the up and coming teams and I’m looking forward to more excellent soccer from teams across the globe.


4 responses to “Landon Donovan… Will You Marry Me?

  1. The U.S has one of there strongest teams and I’m obviously a big Landon fan too, but if I had to put my money on them winning it all nxt year I’d probably pass…..If not the the U.S. then i would love to see one of the little countries win it like Costa Rica who is on top of the Americas bracket……did Jamaica qualify or are thy already out of it? Cuz I would pull for hem too πŸ™‚ today I watched the premier league, I love Chelsea but they got beat by Everton which was a bit annoying cuz I swear Chelsea dominated soo much of the game…..I’m definitely geeked that NBC is airing premier league cuz this is the firstbyer I’ve really gotten into it…….I wish u lived closer cuz my daughter keeps bugging me to take her to Chicago to see the fire play and I hunk were gonna go in the nxt two weeks

    • i couldn’t tell you about jamaica right this moment but you can go to fifa’s world cup website and take a look at standings – i was just doing that when i wrote this up. i haven’t watched english premier in a while but now that it’s on nbc i may be able to now. chelsea is okay but they’re quickly becoming the next man u and to me man u is like the yankees and i can’t stand the yankees lol. that would be fun to see another team. when i go to those i tend to go see the rapids being the colorado girl that i am. my dad and i are still trying to see about a time when we can meet up in utah for a rapids v utah game. it’ll be happen someday. hey i’d love to visit chicago some day so maybe a visit who knows. πŸ™‚

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