Teddy Bears and California Becomes a State



Today is Teddy Bear Day. It’s origins are unknown to me but I’m all for celebrating cuddly things at any time. As for teddy bears themselves, the story goes that while President Theodore Roosevelt was hunting, he refused to shoot a small bear back in 1902 in Mississippi. The Washington Post picked up the story and made a cartoon of it. Eventually a toy company got hold of the story and asked for permission to call tiny stuffed bears – Teddy Bears. The name has stuck and children the world over have been cuddling with them ever since.

I have to admit to never having had a teddy bear myself. I do, however, happen to have a stuffed “Eeyore” and a stuffed “Littlefoot.” My guess is I don’t have to inform you who Eeyore is but Littlefoot is that cute little “long-neck” dinosaur from “The Land Before Time” (ah hem – the first movie only – all those sequels don’t count in my eyes). I have had Littlefoot since I was about, I think, seven or eight-years-old. I absolutely adore him… even now at the tender age of 32. He’s gone everywhere with me including college. I just couldn’t part with the cute little fellow.

It started with Littlefoot and grew to include Eeyore and while in college, one of my besties/roommates, Taleena, bought me a giant talking Winne the Pooh bear. I love Winnie the Pooh! So wherever I go that trio comes with me. If they’re traveling in the car with me, you better believe they get buckled in also. They deserve to be safe just along with me and any other passengers darn it. Remember… I’m 4’8″ – this means I can act like I’m 10 any time. Just read this and I’m sure you’ll remember.

I happen to believe it’s a good thing for kids to have something to cuddle and learn to be responsible for it. Okay maybe it’s just a little teddy bear but they’re so darn cute and kids are lovable and deserve to have something to help comfort them during good times and bad. Teddy bears are always there to listen and to provide hugs when a kid needs that. I’m a big supporter of teddy bears.

Today also just so happens to be the anniversary that California became a state back on Sept. 9, 1850. It the 31 state to join the union and joined as a “free” state based on the Compromise of 1850. Oh there are so many things that cross my mind when it comes to California. Let’s see where to start: Hollywood, celebrities, miles and miles of ocean front property, beaches, mountains, celebrity governors, being labeled liberal but definitely having a strong conservative core, medical marijuana, lots of laws that contribute to the state being broke and yet it’s well intended most times (I think), all the various professional sports teams, etc., etc. Along with those more recent items, there is also to remember things like the gold rush, all the church missions all along the state, it being a part of Spain for quite a while (hence all the Spanish named cities, etc.) and eventually Mexico, and lots more really.

Wikipedia tells me that California is home to one out of eight Americans. Well that certainly explains the traffic issues. California, once belonging to Spain, then Mexico, was finally handed over to the states as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. The California gold rush began in 1848. As time marched on, eventually Los Angeles would be developed as the entertainment hub along with Silicon Valley (the San Francisco Bay area) in the late 20th century, which focuses on technology and information.

Some things to note about California include: it’s ranked as the third largest state in the U.S.; it has a total area of 163,696 sq. mi (it’s 250 miles wide and 770 miles long); it’s the most populated state with an estimated 38,041,430 people (I believe that was as of 2012 and that’s about 242 people per sq. mi.). The state’s flag, the Bear Flag, has depicted on it the last wild Grizzly Bear that was in captivity along with a star and a red strip along the bottom. The star also has it’s own history. After a revolt to try and gain independence from Mexico, the Lone Star Flag of California was developed. That star eventually made it to the final flag for the state.

So there you have it. A bear on California’s state flag – perhaps a sort of ode to teddy bears? Perhaps not but I found it appropriate to discuss both. They do share a day. So to you California – you can be a royal pain but you do also add a lot of character with all your fabulous, rich history and interesting ways. Glad to have you included in our country. To you teddy bears, thank you for all the comfort you bring to kids worldwide! No one could do it better than you.

And just because it’s Teddy Bear Day – here’s a little bit of Elvis – “Teddy Bear.” Who doesn’t love Elvis and teddy bears?


5 responses to “Teddy Bears and California Becomes a State

    • i love eeyore… he’s so down in the dumps all the time but he’s so sweet. yeah i have a few winnie the pooh bears but the biggie and one snow one come with me. yeah i have to admit i wasn’t sure about teddy bear day until this morning either LOL but i thought it might make for a fun read so there ya go. 🙂 i’ll be sure to check out that game too.

  1. Wow, I’ve learnt so much from that post. The meaning behind Lone Star, Teddy Bears, and as to why California looked so much like Mexico/Spain in Zorro.

    • haha! well glad i could be of service. 🙂 yes that is would indeed be why Cali looks so much like Mexico/Spain in Zorro – if memory serves… in the movie, I believe they were in the midst of the Mexican-American War and the bad guys were Spaniards trying to regain California from both Mexico and the U.S. (I could be wrong)

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