It’s Been Great August; Welcome September!



I finally didn’t get a chance to do as much in August as I would have liked, but I think overall the theme went fairly well. I tried to cover various topics in education because getting educated is important. I will always believe the best thing for any person is to be educated or at least be open minded to learning new things. This helps to equip us for experiences we may have and the people we will meet. Even meeting new people provides an education for us and that’s always exciting.

If you’re new to this blog, I try and write to a theme every month. Again, this all started on my Facebook page. My dad thought it was a great idea for a blog so there you have it. What I liked about it is it allows me to show my very eclectic taste in life and more. I don’t have quite as specific of a theme for this month. I thought about something for Labor Day, then I thought because I’m part Irish, March was “Lucky March” on Facebook for St. Patrick’s Day and I’m mostly hispanic so September should be something to do with Mexican Independence on Sept. 16 but there’s so much going on in September that it’ll be a bit more open ended than that.

I do plan to spend some time focusing on Mexican Independence, but there will be plenty more to discuss. This is how I ended up with “All Things September” instead. This again allows for even more eclecticness from me. I hope I’m not too all over the board but for me, that’s how I like it. I always told people my love of such varied music means I can’t ever get bored. This is how I hope September ends up – Labor Day, Mexican Independence, the start of Autumn, other religious holidays, 9/11 and whatever else comes to mind this month.



I suppose somethings to note early is September itself. The word comes from an old Roman word “Septem,” meaning seven. It was the seventh month in the old Roman calendar, though now it’s the ninth month as part of the Gregorian calendar. Go figure. People born this month, their birthstone is the Sapphire and the flower is Aster. Additional flowers are Forget-Me-Nots and Morning Glory.

From what I understand, today is Father’s Day in Australia and New Zealand. I hear they celebrate the first Sunday of September so to all you dads out here… Happy Father’s Day (okay so by the time you’ve seen this it’ll be the next day or later so I apologize for my tardiness). Other things to note in September – various independence days for various countries, sporting events, Francis Scott Key wrote the “Star Spangled Banner” Sept. 14 and we should all be looking forward to International Talk Like a Pirate Day Sept. 19. You savy?

There’s plenty more but I will take my chances on reviewing those as we come to them (well, as much as I can fit in the time). In the meantime, happy September 1!


2 responses to “It’s Been Great August; Welcome September!

  1. I wonder how many u.s. citizens know anything about Mexican Independence day? Asking them about it would be like asking them to name the Prime Minister of Canada! (Stephen Harper is the Canadian PM……..okay okay, I cheated!!! I had to google it!! LMAO!)

    • most would probably say that cinco de mayo is mexican independence lol at least that’s my guess. and i would have had to cheat also so don’t feel too bad haha. we don’t hear from canada as much as other prime ministers or so it seems so that could contribute to why we don’t know him as well. but that’s why i wanna do all this stuff. i hope it’ll be interesting 🙂

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