Select-A-Set Thursday: A Music Education



It’s Thursday once again and in keeping with the monthly theme, it’s all about a musical education. All the songs have something to do with education but they’re not necessarily teaching anything in particular… at least not this time.

If you don’t know, there’s a ton of music out there about education, though admittedly most isn’t necessarily focused on learning math, English and science. Nonetheless, I’m sure we all have some songs that come to mind that we love, whether that be Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall, Pt.2,” or Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out,” or even Chuck Berry’s “School Days.” The list goes on and on and there’s plenty of great music to rock out to for school.

These are the three I chose for this week. I hope you enjoy.

First – “Good Morning Little School Girl” – a classic blues song, but I love this cover by Jonny Lang. I hope you do too.

Second – School of Rock – Jack Black. Okay so I haven’t seen this movie. I know I always hear about it so perhaps I’ll have to fix that. I thought this song appropriate for the theme so there ya go.

Finally, “ABC” by the Jackson 5. It’s just a fun little love song that just happens to include the ABCs and 1,2,3.


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