Select-A-Set Thursdays: Clapton Covers Bob



There’s a radio station in Denver called KBCO. My dad and I used to listen to this station frequently because we just felt it was better than most and while it still played mostly popular music, it did allow for better forms of it. There’s a few different things this station does that we really like, one of which was select-a-sets.

I can’t remember which days they do select-a-sets on now but for me I’m picking Thursdays to do this. The sets are usually in threes and consists of three songs holding onto a theme. It could be three songs by the same artist, or they all have the same them in the lyrics or something of that nature. Sometimes the selections, which were made by listeners, could be difficult or could be fairly easy.

The station would have listeners create the select-a-set and then have other listeners try and guess the theme for some small prize. They did this every week and my dad and I really enjoyed it. After a while, my dad I would have a grand time coming up with our own sets, even if we didn’t submit them. We haven’t done that in a little bit, but I’d like to start it up here.

I plan to create a set every Thursday. I may just tell you the theme or I may decide I’ll let you all guess and see if you can figure it out. This week I’ve started with a set I had an idea for a long time ago – years ago actually but never finished until this morning. So here it is, three songs, all written by a man named “Bob” (or a version of “Bob” – such as Robert) and covered by Eric Clapton. I hope you enjoy!

First – “32-20 Blues” (written by Robert Johnson)

Second – “I Shot the Sheriff” – written by Bob Marley

Third – “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” – written by Bob Dylan (Clapton has done a few by Dylan another I’d recommend listening to is “Born in Time” which appears on Clapton’s album “Pilgrim” – most excellent!)


7 responses to “Select-A-Set Thursdays: Clapton Covers Bob

  1. I don’t dislike Clapton….but i can’t stand to listen to “I shot the sheriff” by anyone other than Marley! It’s a song I love (as I love all of Bob Marley’s songs!)

    I’ve been on such a ridiculous Bob Marley kick all summer. First I watched a 2 hour documentary on his life, then I watch a documentary on the release of his second album, then I watched a 6 part documentary (I think it was like 6 to 8 hours long) about three of his sons (Ziggy, Rohan, and another who’s name escapes me) who went on a motorcycle trip throughout South Africa a few years ago (the year the World Cup was in South Africa) and then put on a free outdoor concert.

    Dude what is wrong with me! I’m like a bob marley-aholic!

    • there is nothing wrong with you! i understand not liking covers or certain ones – i usually don’t either but clapton is amazing. not perfect though because he did do a cover of a robert cray song that i was considering using that i was turned off to immediately lol so i hear ya. i always prefer originals but on occasion there are excellent covers. 🙂

    • i’ll have to check that out. my favorite cover of all time was the pretenders’ version of “axis:bold as love” by jimi hendrix. their interpretation was amazing! i actually prefer it to jimi’s and that NEVER happens 🙂 just saying.

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