Hollywood Adventure-The Last Leg of the Vacation

I took a little break from posting about my vacation but there’s still a little bit to say and this is the last of the photos for the most part. I’ve already been up north and then I made my way down south to see my friend and his girlfriend in Los Angeles. It was a great time!

The trip down was long and trying… if you all read that entry… it was mistake filled, but I managed to make it through the night haha. Anyway, I loved hanging out with John and his girlfriend. He let me kind of come and go as I please while they both still had their jobs and other things to do, but we had time to hang out together also.

I went with him one night to see a local play. That was pretty fun! The next morning I had some time to kill so I ended up heading to the Walk of Fame because it was only 10 minutes from where he lived and it’s another free activity (other than lunch or ice cream as the case may be). It was certainly a fun time!

I find the Walk of Fame an interesting place to be. I couldn’t get over how much time you spend looking down at your feet as a tourist! Typical tourists look up and around and trying to get photos of everything… at the walk … everyone is looking down at their feet. One guy told me that’s how you know they’re tourists because locals don’t feel a need to look down anymore. It’s an interesting place and going by the Chinese and Dolby Theaters is certainly a neat experience. It’s crowded though and people just randomly stop frequently to get photos of the stars so be careful!

I did have one guilty pleasure on this particular trip… I ended up taking one of those bus tours of the city so you can see the stars’ homes and of course other historic places all over Hollywood. I was more interested in the other buildings but I have to admit it was neat to see homes that otherwise I’d never knew who lived there. I took a bunch of photos of the stars’ homes but to keep myself from totally becoming a paparazzo (or is it paparazza? hmm) I won’t be posting those. Besides, it’s mostly front gates and really long distance shots so they’re really not all that great anyway. They’re all very large homes but really that’s not all that interesting to look at… go figure.

It was a nice final activity before heading home. That night was finished off with hanging out with John and going to a really great sushi place! Yum! Hmm… perhaps I shouldn’t write about food before I’ve even had breakfast.


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