A Milestone Reached – 100 Readers! Yay!



Wow! I received notice last night I reached 100 readers! I have recently decided against the word “followers” because it sounds too cult like and as much as I would like to think that “Stormy Musings” could reach cult status… I’d rather not actually be associated with a cult. I can’t put my finger on it, but that just seems like a rather negative word. Hmm.

Technically, I have 115 readers – the other 15 get their read on via Facebook or are kind enough to follow by email. I thank those folks just as much! Every reader is important to me. As much as I love writing, I don’t do it for myself – at least not on here. If I did, well, instead I’d just continue to write in my personal journal (which actually I do need to do eek!). I was really excited to see that I’d even come close to reaching 100 WordPress readers because… well to be quite frank… I never thought I’d make it past about five or 10 if I were really lucky so actually reaching 100 is a real honor!

In such a vast community with very good writing going on, I’m still looking to find my niche but I truly appreciate all of you. I haven’t had a chance to visit all your blogs yet but I will do my best. The one thing I’ve noticed about WordPress that I truly enjoy is the amount of courtesy on here. There’s a lot of politeness and showing of gratitude so I do my best to follow suit. I’m really impressed by that because in a world that seems to lacking etiquette and politeness anymore, it’s nice to see it still exists. That said… that’s why I do try and get to responding and visiting those who are so kind to stop by, like, comment or choose to (or darn I’ll have to say it this time) follow this blog. It’s really an honor… so thank you one and all! It’s very much appreciated.

With any luck, the writing will continue to improve and I’ll gain more readers. I hope you all are enjoying this journey as much as me.


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