Ding! Ding! Cable Car Coming Through!

Oh how I love San Francisco! The climate suits me and the atmosphere is a lot of fun. I don’t ever miss the traffic but I do miss the options of big city living on occasion.

There are certain things that are unique to San Francisco that I love and now one of the new things is the cable car. I hadn’t ever ridden the car before so as I was leaving my aunt’s place to go see my grandpa for a little bit, I pit stopped in San Francisco so I could take a ride.

The trip of course mandated having some Ghirardelli ice cream, which was fabulous. I highly recommend it. Ghiradelli Square is definitely a hot bed for tourists but it’s still worth trying to check out – just be patient, especially when looking for parking. Oy. What a mess!

It happened to a cool day for San Francisco and it was getting cooler because it was getting later in the afternoon. I would recommend a few things for the cable car – either go earlier in the day or at least dress for cooler weather – close toe shoes and perhaps a jacket. It can get chilly on that ride. I mostly recommend planning for about two hours for the ride, if nothing else, mostly for the waiting around part. The ride itself isn’t too long but waiting can be a while because well it’s a tourist draw. It does stop to pick up and drop off passengers along the way also as San Franciscans do use it as a genuine mode of transportation along parts of the city. Just be aware of this. Also be aware that the cable car gets mighty close to other vehicles and if you’re outside standing, hanging on, keep your limbs, phalanges and any bags facing toward the cable car. Getting something snipped or snagged, effectively pulling you off the car, will likely ruin your day. Just saying.

It was a blast though! What a great way to see a portion of the city. Do take photos if you can because again the perspective is neat. I was lucky enough to be able to stand in the front and see everything. I almost forgot – hope you’re not claustrophobic… they pack on as many people as possible and it’s tight quarters. May as well get around to chatting with the folks around you because you might just be getting to know each other fairly well. This is good though because it helps make the experience awesome.

All in all, San Francisco was yet another enjoyable experience… as always. There’s lots to do and see. I haven’t taken the Alcatraz tour in quite some time but I do recommend that too. Again, because you’re actually going out into the bay, take warmer clothes. It may be California but San Francisco is no southern California that’s for sure. Lastly – just have fun! It’s a great place to be so enjoy it.


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