A Venice Beach Experience

So, I’m still showing off photos from my vacation. I think I took more than 500 photos. What can I say? I like to take photos now. There was a time when I wouldn’t have said that.

Anyway, these ones are of my brief time in Venice Beach. It was an interesting trip getting there. I started the day out with the intentions of going to the aquarium in San Pedro and was even there but I didn’t have any cash on me and I needed to get to an ATM. However, I wasn’t bound to pay that crazy expense of going to an ATM other than my actual bank (it’s a ludicrous cost by the way) so I ended up just leaving. Before taking off, however, I did walk the pier and get a few photos of those trying wind surfing, a lighthouse, which I now try and do whenever I can, and some beach shots. I may post a few of those also but they weren’t quite as interesting.

So, there I was not going to the aquarium and instead needing to find a place to eat lunch. I luckily found myself a Chipotle, stopped had lunch and decided since I still had plenty of time I should find my way to Venice Beach. It was always on my agenda because I had read online about a bunch of murals out that way. It took a while and a lot of time finding parking, but I did finally find my way to Venice Beach and found a spot to park… again, practicing those mad parallel parking skills or more like finally enhancing them.

I didn’t have as much time there as I would have liked because I already had plans to get back to my friend John’s place, whom I was staying with, so I could hang out with  him and go to a short play. I would love to go back some time because rumor has it there are three hours worth of murals to see and from the few that I saw… pretty amazing pieces of art.

Venice Beach itself, is kind of wild. It almost looks like a small marketplace of some small town you might find in a foreign country. That may not be the best description or sound bad in some way (which it’s not intended to), but I’m not sure how else to describe it. It’s definitely a fun place but you have to be cognizant of your surroundings. At one point, I stopped to watch a street show of a bunch of, I believe, Jamaican guys. It was pretty funny, though really politically incorrect with all the race jokes. The acrobatics was a hoot to watch though! Those guys were great. Venice Beach… definitely an interesting place to visit.


3 responses to “A Venice Beach Experience

  1. I SO love Venice Beach as well……Every time I am in a beach town in Florida I get depressed and think, “Why couldn’t they have built this town like Venice Beach???”

    • i haven’t really spent any time in florida but i’ll remember that for sure. venice is definitely an interesting place and i will do it again sometime but perhaps some time when there hasn’t been a recent shooting/killing like there was just a few days ago…yikes! i really loved the murals out there… what amazing artwork! 🙂

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