A Walk Among the Dahlias

I wanted to take the time to share some of the photos I took on my recent vacation. One day was spent with my aunts and cousins in San Francisco. My cousin Anna hung out with step-cousin Truckee and his girlfriend, Lauren, and my cousin Joey went to a music shop.

While the cousins were out and about, my aunts Donna and Lennie and myself all ended up at Golden Gate Park. The park is a long park of more than 1,000 acres of public access park. There’s a lot to see there!

I hadn’t ever been there before so Donna had suggested it and I thought it seemed like quite a bit of fun. The three of us were out walking around and for me, it was an awesome day. The weather was so much cooler than Needles and it was a nice break from the heat. For those unfamiliar with San Francisco… it’s not what most people think of when they think of California. In the summer months, it’s not hot there at all, but coming from a place that’s reached 126 degrees, I was excited to see the mid-60s.

We walked around the park for quite a while but ended up near the Conservatory for Flowers where we saw the Dahlia exhibit, if you will. The colors were amazing! I sadly can’t remember the four different basic types of dahlias but I’m sure all you flower aficionados out there will know and perhaps you can educate me. I hope you all enjoy. Please remember all the photos were taken by me. I choose to post without watermarks to keep the photos clean but would appreciate if you use them to at least acknowledge they’ve been borrowed.

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