Happy Birthday Grandpa!

gramps and i during my "stormy" years :)

gramps and i during my “stormy” years 🙂

Today would have been my grandpa’s 82 birthday… or it is depending on how you choose to look at it. When I was younger I never though about the fact that he and I nearly shared a birthday would ever mean feeling a little melancholy. Our birthdays are two days apart and so now it’s a bit of an anniversary and isn’t what it used to be as he passed away about a year and a half ago now.

It was awesome nearly sharing a birthday with him because we could celebrate together. He used to joke with me that every year I was catching up to him. I miss calling him for his day and hearing his voice but I know he’s in a better place. So instead of being all sad, though I do miss him lots, in his memory, I’ll just share a song that always makes me think of him.

My grandpa loved horses. He was even a jockey at one point when he was growing up but decided on the practical route instead and went to work for Union Pacific Railroad as a youngster. Horses were something he always loved though. He loved Gene Autry and Roy Rogers movies. The cowboy way of life was something that appealed to him.

So, Toby Keith’s “Should’ve Been a Cowboy” always makes me think of him. It’s a good country tune. Happy birthday gramps!


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