Finally… vacation!

photo credit-me (well my aunt's hubby ed)

photo credit-me (well my aunt’s hubby ed) p.s. to anyone who may have the inclination to “steal” this and photoshop it- there’s no need… we’re silly enough 🙂 

Greetings WordPress! I wanted to give a quick note to you all (those who are kind of enough to follow, actually read, comment, like and what not), I am taking vacation! I haven’t had a full week off since last Christmas and am in some real need.

My brain is tired. With certain recent events, my heart, body and soul are all tired. I need to hit the refresh button and just take some time to unwind. I need to be clear headed once school starts again because it will get real hectic out here for work again – I love it but I need to be ready.

The above photo is of myself (middle) and my aunts Donna (left) and Lennie about two years ago. My aunt Donna had a slew of silly hats that we had to try on and just enjoy ourselves and trust me… we did. We did our best modeling poses and had a grand time. That was the last time I’ve seen Lennie and the last I’ve seen them together. I am looking forward to getting to see them and a few more family members now that I go on vacation as of super early Sunday morning.

This may sound ludicrous but I have every intention of being up by 1 a.m., leaving my apartment by 2 a.m. and head up to Sebastopol to see the family (in this case – my aunts, a couple of cousins, my grandpa, grandma and uncle). There’s a family reunion happening July 26-28 in Seattle but I can’t make that due to too many logistically issues and lack of sufficient funds – boo! I try and leave at that hour because it gives me a jump start on the crazy California traffic and it means I still have at least half a day to spend with folks when I get there (um.. it’s about a 9 or 10 hour drive to my aunt Donna’s place- just fyi). I figure if I leave early enough then I have usable time with people I like and less time with those crazy California drivers who quite frankly drive me nuts!

English: A big wave is breaking in Santa Cruz,...

English: A big wave is breaking in Santa Cruz, California. Français : Une grosse vague déferle à Santa Cruz, en Californie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So my plans you ask? Well, my thoughts are these: I’ll head up on Sunday for the gathering of sorts at Donna’s, and stay up that way for a day or two. Then I’ll start my trek southward, stopping in Santa Cruz where my grandpa lives. I love Santa Cruz! Absolutely awesome place if you’ve never been. I highly recommend it. Just be aware for you surfer types, there are large sharks up there… Great Whites even. I’m sure we’ll be discussing this more once Shark Week on Discovery Channel begins Aug. 4 (which is the day after my birthday… woo hoo!). I love Shark Week! They scare the tar out of me but they also fascinate me. So there you have it.

English: Back view of Monterey Bay Aquarium.

English: Back view of Monterey Bay Aquarium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So moving on… as I was saying… I’m thinking I’ll stay with gramps a day or two, maybe three. I’ll leave his place by next Friday and hopefully get to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a visit. I love Monterey also! Hmmm… I suppose I should just say I prefer northern California (San Francisco is one of my favorites of all time!). It just suits me better. That said, I’ll make that pit stop then head much further south to Venice Beach. I have never been there but I hear stories so I’m thinking it’s worth checking out. I would love to see that aquarium also and there is supposed to be sand castle building day July 27 that I’d love to check out.

My friend John resides in the LA area so I’m sure I’ll be catching up with him also. He’s a character that’s for sure. Anyway, I am hoping for some adventure, nothing too crazy but a chance to get away, unwind, etc. That said… this means I probably won’t be posting too much until I get back. I’m not sure just how missed I’ll really be, but nonetheless I felt a need to be courteous enough to let you all know I haven’t abandoned WordPress, I’m just taking a much needed break.

I plan to take lots of photos, take my travel journal with me and hopefully get around to sharing lots of experiences with anyone who may be interested. Take care everyone! 🙂


4 responses to “Finally… vacation!

    • yes it is lol. just need time to breath and not always be in some rush or whatever. i definitely need a break as i freakin’ left my preferred camera at home along with other needed supplies but oh well. will just have to make a store run. 🙂

    • wow im sorry to hear that 😦 i hope you are able to get some time off soon… you could use it mr (because everyone needs to take a breather sheesh)

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