Making Money at a U2 Concert: A Lesson in Being Short

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Looking up… yep… that is the story of my life right there. Okay, to be fair, it’s not the complete story, but it does have a pretty big role a lot of the time. I spend a lot of my time looking up, which is part of why my photos tend to have an angle… slanted upward. The good news is this means there’s very little time in my life to look down… I’m thinking that’s a good thing.

I know I’ve already posted about being short… excuse me… about being extra short already, but I’d like to discuss a perfect example of why it hasn’t always been so crappy to be so short. Being less than 5ft tall can have it’s advantages at times and it wasn’t more evident than at a U2 concert I attended while in college.

The logo of Northern Colorado athletics, in us...

The logo of Northern Colorado athletics, in use since 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was a sophomore at the University of Northern Colorado and I had recently joined a new group on campus called Residence Hall Association (RHA). It starts by participating in an individual hall council and then going to the general council, which brings together all the halls. To be clear, when I say halls, I mean dormitories. I wouldn’t dare call them that at that time because, well, let’s just say there were consequences for that business. RHA, along with the professional college staff called them residence halls as a means of creating a more positive outlook on the dorms and I agree. I, personally, met the sweetest, fun people while living in the halls.

Anyway, at that time, it was November 2001 and one of the easy fundraisers RHA had was to work concerts and sporting events. Fundraising helped with various events, attending conferences, etc., all good stuff. My friend Jessica was on the board at the time and she’d hand out sign up sheets for the sporting events and concerts. She handed out a sheet to work the U2 concert and you better believed I signed that sheet. I was so excited.

As it would turn out, No Doubt opened for them and I was over the moon. A free concert to see two of my favorite bands (okay so favorite is used a little loosely here because I really don’t have a favorite anything… I’m too indecisive haha). I’m extremely happy I made the most of the experience too as liability fears would prevent RHA from working any more events in Denver… boo!

So… I went to the concert thinking our group would probably end up working some little food booth or something of that nature. As luck would have it, we were given the awesome task of security. Yeah me as security… I’m sure you laughing now. Hell I was. Either way, it was a fun job. The CSC event staff had us wear their shirts and then spread my group out along the floor by the stage. I was stationed further out but this was good because I wouldn’t have been any good right next to the stage. Translation – virtually a free concert, didn’t really have to work and could see up close. Awesome! I was far enough away from the crowd that I could see over heads… that means a lot to me.

It was a bit of an emotional time for me… life was more stressful than normal for whatever reason. The parental units finally took the step toward divorce (which was good for everyone but it was stressful and lots of fighting). I seemed at odds with a few people… I was just in a funk. I don’t cry at things such as concerts or movies. It’s just not me, but when U2 opened with “Beautiful Day,” I must admit to being a little emotional mostly because things were tough and it was almost what I needed to hear. I didn’t cry though… I’m not that wimpy ha.

English: An image of Bono and The Edge of U2, ...

English: An image of Bono and The Edge of U2, taken at a U2 360 concert in Toronto at the Rogers Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The concert was amazing! No Doubt rocked it and U2 made my day! Most memorable moments included Bono picking a guy out of the crowd and gave him a guitar and he, the guy and The Edge performed “All Along The Watchtower.” Bono endorsed that lucky dude! It was also amazing because it was shortly after the 9/11 attacks and U2 had all the names of the fallen, including first responders and had them projected and scrolling over the audience. It was pretty emotional.

Okay so I know you’re wondering where does the benefit of being short come in… well here it is… thanks for your patience. So concert ends, everyone goes home. My group and I keep working and cleaning some before getting ready to head home. I’m walking along the lower bleachers and a guy scopes me out. He says “you must be the shortest person in here.” Well, by then since all the little kids probably went home, he was probably correct.

The proposition: to be willing to crawl under those bleachers and try and recover some lady’s diamond ring she lost at the concert. Please note that we were required to wear black pants and it’s a damn good thing because have you seen what’s on a concert floor? Ick! It’s also a good thing that the shirt I was wearing… wasn’t mine (the lent polo shirt was over whatever it was I wore there). So, there I was being asked to do this job because quite frankly, I was short enough to get under there (under the bleachers that is). A taller person could have done it, but it would be a lot more cramped, uncomfortable and not as maneuverable for that individual. So in I went.

Unfortunately, I never found the ring. I could have ended up anywhere but I couldn’t find it. The guy who asked me to do this favor was really cool though and thanked me for trying. He then handed me $20! Okay so not a lot but for simply crawling around on my belly to look for a ring… that’s quite a bit. It was unnecessary as I did it because if it had been my ring, I’d appreciate someone looking also, but as a poor college kid… I accepted!

So… free concert, free money… it was a total win! Being 4’8″ isn’t always all that fun and doesn’t always have it’s advantages, but when it happens, there are some very cool things about it. I’m about to go see some family soon here and it’s going to be real cramped… so again… it’ll be good that I’m travel size. 🙂


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