Guilty Pleasures to Start the Weekend



I finished work, drove home, munched a little and now it’s time to kick back. What better way to kick back than with a few guilty pleasures? For me, this means music, perhaps some soda and other sweets, which I really don’t need, but it’s my “Friday.”

Who doesn’t just let go of their cares when the end of the week comes? This is generally thought of as Friday, but not everyone works Monday through Friday. In my case, Saturday is the last day of the work week and so here I am… I have Spotify turned on to my guilty pleasures playlist. This is definitely a guilty pleasures playlist when it includes The Spice Girls, Aqua, Right Said Fred, Milli Vanilli, Air Supply, Pebbles, Biz Markie, Billy Ray Cyrus and many more.

I suppose I should be ashamed to admit to having those folks on my playlist and so publicly I may add, but no way. This is a free country darn it and I’m entitled to listen to any music I want. Some of it is bad, it’s true. Some of it isn’t so bad as much as it was a fad that’s faded. Whatever the case, almost all of it has had some significance in my life, memories attached to it, so I refuse to be ashamed of that.



There are other sorts of guilty pleasures too, such as those right above. I personally can live without Velveeta, but Ben and Jerry’s is hard to live without on occasion at least. Potato chips don’t do much for me, but I’m a sucker for a good pizza also. These days sugary items are more my taste, which is bad and something I’m working hard to reverse, but on occasion it’s okay to give in to the occasional guilty pleasure. There’s no need to quit living… just live smart. I’m still working on the live smart part haha. I will get there… but not on my first evening free from work for the weekend.

So let’s see… that covers music and food… there’s also movie guilty pleasures. I know for me, I love “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Yep I just confessed to all that and I didn’t even blush. Again, most that I should be embarrassed about… I’m just not, especially on my weekend darn it. I need my time to be free from worry about what others think, or thinking at all for that matter. Sometimes I just need to let my mind wander so I can recover.

So here I leave you all with a guilty pleasure song, “Tubthumping” from Chumbawamba. Who didn’t do a lil’ tubthumping now again on their weekend? What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?


2 responses to “Guilty Pleasures to Start the Weekend

  1. Love the Chumbawumba 🙂

    And yes, Fridays are for letting go! I can’t believe your peanut butter is called JIF. Here in Australia, JIF is an oven cleaner!

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