Let Freedom Ring



It’s July and in this country, we all know what that means… our independence. The month is usually all about fireworks, barbecues, family time and, of course, being thankful for those who serve, have served and earned us our freedom. There was a lot of sacrifice made to get our freedom and it’s important to never forget that.

I would like to note that I’m not, by definition, the most patriotic person. I don’t have a flag I wave or anything like that. I do show my subtle patriotic side in other means, which I’ll talk about later. Regardless, it is important to be thankful because we wouldn’t be where we’re at if there weren’t sacrifices and risks taken by the few.


While the focus is our freedom from Great Britain, freedom and independence can mean a lot of things. It can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people and has carried a lot of importance at different times. Ask the descendant of any former slave; just ask gay and lesbian couples who feel free to get married now; ask any teenager who just learned to drive.



It is my goal to take July to explore all these different times and definitions of freedom and independence. In my mind it’s an awesome opportunity to see how others see those two important topics. I will be talking about a variety of items, not just the U.S.’s independence, though that’s obviously important to me.

For those new to following or just happened on this post, part of the reason I started this blog was to follow through on an idea that started on Facebook of writing on a monthly theme. I had seen friends participate in being thankful every day during November. I tried it last November and enjoyed it. Then in February, I thought, hmm why not do something similar for what I always call “The Love Month.” So every day I talked about something I loved. Then March was “Lucky March” and every day it was something I was lucky for. I decided to bring that to a blog. I just allow myself room to write outside of the theme also. So July’s theme is “Let Freedom Ring.” I hope you all enjoy!


2 responses to “Let Freedom Ring

  1. here’s a question my friends and I debate all the time: ‘if you lived during 1776 would you fight against the British in the war?”

    ha ha just a little philosophical meandering in your opening post on freedom……because, how far are we willing to go for freedom?

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