“Come Go With Me” – The Del Vikings



As I’m doing my chores or rather, just before I got started, I quickly put together a “golden oldies” play list so I could listen to some tunes while I did chores. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I tend to do better with some great music in the background to “cheer” me on as I go along.

Anyway, among my many favorites is “Come Go With Me” by The Del Vikings. If you’ve seen “Stand By Me” you know what I’m talking about. Maybe you’re like me, however, and you’ve actually seen “Joe Versus the Volcano” hahah. Okay that movie was not very good, but, it was so funny and just cute. It was the first movie that put Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan together (at least as far as I know it was).

It’s some silly movie about a man who’d been convinced he’s going to die of a “brain cloud” so he decides I’ll be the one to throw himself into this volcano in some Pacific island nation to appease the Gods. Along the way, the ship he’s on sinks in a terrible storm but it’s him, this woman (Ryan) and well the luggage he bought (that’s another funny element of the movie but you gotta watch to really understand it). Joe just so happens to have a little radio available to him as he’s stranded out on the ocean and manages to pick up the song “Come Go With Me” and he does this silly little dance. It’s so funny and something that my dad and I share. It’s another memory for us.

One thing that was cool about the Del Vikings was they were one of the first racially integrated singing groups of the 1950s. It just didn’t happen then but it did for them and it was fabulous. Please enjoy the quirky little video featuring the song and clips from the movie.


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