Dusty Springfield – “Only Want to be With You”

courtesy  rollingstone.com

courtesy rollingstone.com

I just finished watching this older movie “The Very Thought of You” starring Monica Potter and Joseph Fiennes. It’s quirky and definitely a “chick flick” (which I kind of hate calling it that but I’ll go into that some other time), but it was cute. It totally appealed to my more hopeless romantic side and certainly wishful thinking. The latter may not be such a good thing, but I’ve decided it’s certainly not all bad.

The movie toys with the idea of everything happens for a reason, fate or whatever you want to call it. Personally, there have been times in my life when I’ve certainly felt things happened for a reason and there are some things I’m still trying to figure out why in the hell did that happen or why did I meet that person.

Anyway, this particular movie just tapped into that and made me feel all giddy and bubbly thinking about ‘gosh wonder if that could happen to me?’ Yeah probably not as I live in reality and it’s a film. I mean, I don’t have the money to just up and decide to leave my life behind for another county where I can just “coincidently” meet the ideal man, but you know what, it’s kind of fun to think about it. It brings a smile to my face to think about “what if” sometimes. Not all the time as the becomes torturous and can go horribly wrong, but in small doses, it’s fun.

Sometimes those kind of movies depress me thinking about how long I’ve been single and how things never work out for me but tonight it almost gave hope – not to get too horribly sentimental and silly, but it did. It helped that the film credits used Dusty Springfield’s “Only want to be with you” – a wonderful little ditty that is so upbeat one can’t help but get happy. Part of that effect of course is partly due to Dusty’s gorgeous voice. Great character! Anyway, I love that song enough that I just decided to post it. That’s really what this whole thing is about but the rest is connected. So enjoy!


2 responses to “Dusty Springfield – “Only Want to be With You”

  1. Does it annoy you when people say, “When the time is right it will happen” ? I was thinking about that saying in reference to your post but i’ve had so many people tell me that about other things in life and it drives me crazy.

    • lol yeah it can drive me nuts especially now that im older and time is ticking away but i think it’s probably most annoying because it’s most likely true. oh well, such as life. 🙂 just hope the timing is right very soon haha

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