How Dads Get it Done



“Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor” is one of the best Mr. Fix-it dads, on television or otherwise if you ask me. He’s at least a great example of how dads like to be… fix everything and do it in a manly way.

Okay so Tim wasn’t exactly so good at fixing things. Well, he might have been if he wasn’t always trying to make things so much more powerful than they were supposed to be. He always had to amplify and give more power and in doing so, give a good grunt or two. It was a good thing he had Al to be around to help balance him out. Some of my favorite episodes where when Tim would “go against” Bob Vila. Hilarious.

Tim is the stereotype so, of course, not all dads are like that and certainly not all feel a strong need to grunt and make more of home improvement than necessary, but it was certainly fun to watch him do his best but fail spectacularly. Seems like many try and be MacGyver but come out Tim The Tool Man Taylor. That’s okay. That’s part of why we love dads. Granted – there are plenty of dads who are great at home improvement, don’t get me wrong.

Dads do like to fix things. They’re the ones we run to when something has gone wrong or is broken. Sometimes we need dad to fill in when mom isn’t around. This can prove to be interesting. Dads don’t always understand how moms do things so they tend to get a bit creative. This can mean a wide assortment of solutions, usually pretty interesting, but always done with heart.

Enjoy! These really made me laugh. Dads are the best! We love all the innovative ways dad help us out.


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