June-Father Knows Best

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For those joining late, part of why I started this blog was because I had an idea that started on Facebook. There was a little deal on Facebook where you could be thankful all through November for Thanksgiving. Well, I ended up tweaking that idea for February and March, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day respectively. My dad loved the idea and said I should use it to blog with – pick a theme every month and write on it. Use quotes, movies, etc., to explore a single theme. So that’s what this is. June is – Father Knows Best for Father’s Day.

I spent the month of May celebrating moms. There is plenty to celebrate. June, on the other hand, will be spent thanking and appreciating the other half- dads. They’re not always as graceful as moms, but dads definitely give us plenty to be thankful about and to think about.

Like moms, there’s different kinds of dads. There’s grandpas, uncles, single dads, adoptive dads and all those in between dads. Dads typically have a very different style of parenting than moms. It’s not bad, just different. We love them for it. When mom is driving us nuts, there’s always dad.

Moms worry about bumps and bruises and dads toss kids several feet in the air. Dads are the ones teaching sons to be men while working hard to keep the boys from their daughters. Dads tend to have their own way of teaching life’s lessons. In my experience there tends to be a bit more humor involved. I don’t mind this. There needs to be balance and dads bring that to us.

Here’s some wisdom coming from one of my personal favorite t.v. dads, Bill Cosby. The Cosby Show was brilliant. Bill tries to teach Theo about the importance of going to college and seeking a better life. Theo just wants to be a “regular” person.

I hope you all enjoy this trip down memory lane and figuring out all that makes up a great dad.


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