One Hot Mama!

found using google images/borrowed

found using google images/borrowed

Okay so I realized I have one more day to feature moms. I thought… hmm what else can I say about moms I haven’t already? Oh… that’s right! Hot moms! Just to be clear – this isn’t about reducing moms to objects. Not remotely. It’s more of a reminder that hey moms are pretty darn sexy! Moms get so busy with raising kids, running errands, making dinners, they sometimes forget they’re still sexy ladies with plenty of appeal.

Who doesn’t love a hot mom? Well in my mind, every mom is hot. What other person on the planet do all that she does, be amazing as she is and still sizzle? Only moms of course.

Motherhood, so I hear, can be trying. It puts a person through the ringer with screaming and kicking children, running through an endless list of chores, working and balancing a marriage/relationship (assuming she’s in one). For those hot single moms,  there’s dating to handle for those who choose to wade those waters also. It’s a lot of hats to wear. That all by itself makes all moms hot in my mind. I’m a straight woman but even I recognize that women who can handle all that and then some are pretty amazing and those traits are very appealing. Beautiful characteristics shine from the inside out.

google images/borrowed/halle berry is definitely one hot mom - congrats on being mom again halle!

google images/borrowed/halle berry is definitely one hot mom – congrats on being mom again halle!

Hot moms are definitely appreciated in our culture too. Think about the number of movies and songs dedicated to hot moms. Hell, “American Pie” invented a whole new acronym for them – MILF. Since this is a fairly family friendly blog, I’ll refrain from filling in the blanks but for all you Google savy folks, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

What about all those pop and even country songs dedicated to hot moms? There are two that come to mind and I’ll be sharing those today.

First – there’s “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne. Who hasn’t had a crush on a friend’s parental unit at some point? This goes for girls who crush on those hot dads, but that’s for next month.

And then there’s Trace Adkins, “One Hot Mama,” a little reminder to moms out there that even when you feel like you’re not so sexy, you are. Don’t you forget it!


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