Grandmas, aunts and other mothers

me and grandma a

me and grandma a

There are all kinds of mothers. Grandmas, aunts, pet owners in their own way are moms, adoptive moms and even good friends can be mother-like, especially when they take that “mother” tone because they’re concerned about you. I suppose that’s part of being a good friend – acting like a good mom on occasion.

Oh how we love grandmas. They are the first to spoil us rotten and think we can do no wrong – even when we ourselves know better. We love to go to grandma’s house so we can get away from the parental units for a while and perhaps just have some fun and a lot more junk food and soda than any small body should have.

My grandma Archuleta, my mom’s mom, is absolutely convinced I could do no wrong, even during my toddler years. By now you all should know I was not easy to handle in my toddler years. Even my grandpa Archuleta nicknamed me “Stormy” because of it. But my grandma, to this day says I never misbehaved for her. I was just a sweet kid, always. Well, thanks grandma but even I know better.

While grandmas do spend most of their time spoiling us with the most awesome gifts and sweets, it’s important to remember they raised our moms. Our moms are so awesome so our grandmas must be pretty righteous also. Even though it’s easy for a grandma to spoil a kid, when she needs to she will put a kid in her place. Grandmas prefer to do the spoiling but they’re not afraid to teach kids lessons when they need to, dole out the occasional time out or “therapeutic swat,” (spanking) as my dad called them. While it’s not so enjoyable when this happens, it’s good to know our grandmas love us enough to discipline us when we need it.

my aunts donna, left, and lennie after a very fun day of trying on silly hats.

my aunts donna, left, and lennie after a very fun day of trying on silly hats.

Aunts are another fun group of moms. Not all aunts have their own kids but they’re another good alternative mom when we just need an escape from mom. They, like grandmas, love to have fun with the kiddos. They don’t spoil kids quite the same way, but they can. They’re the ones you can go hang and be silly with. Again, aunts will step in when the kids can’t stop fighting with each other or we’ve literally been caught with our hand in the cookie jar when we should have been reaching for the sliced apples.

I’m blessed with two very fun aunts, Donna and Lennie. My last full visit with the two of them was a great time. My aunt Donna just so happens to have a lot of silly hats. The three of us decided to spend some time checking these hats out and see which ones suited us best. We did our best “Zoolander” imitations and modeling techniques. It was a good time.

It wasn’t always quite so blissful though. My aunt Donna is another who can speak to my villainy as a child. I was too young to remember, but I hear that I was giving her a hard time (surprise, surprise) and I finally just shook my finger at her. She just looked at me and was like “Oh no you didn’t” (perhaps not in that exact phrasing but something like it). I apparently didn’t get very far with that one. Hey, a “Stormy” has to try.

Among all the moms, there are also adoptive moms and friends. There’s a special place out there for adoptive moms. They are the ones who open their homes, their hearts and even minds to what can be a difficult situation. I recently discovered a blog called Raising 5 Kids with Disabilities and Remaining Sane – you should check out her entry titled “Mother’s Day and Delayed Rewards” – wonderful writing and a beautiful testament to how important it is for there to be adoptive moms. It can be difficult but rewarding. Some kids need more help than others but they too deserve good homes.

All children deserve a happy home to be in and these moms are so incredibly gracious to understand that. It’s understandable for moms to want their own kids but when the situation doesn’t call for it or maybe she has her own but also wants to take in more kids, it’s wonderful. There’s an extra dose of love that comes with that and a big, big thanks to those lovely ladies!

Of course there are also pet moms. I’ll tell ya what – pet moms are pretty special too. It’s not always easy taking care of those cute lil’ buggers known as cats and dogs. For some moms the pets may be reptiles and other crazy critters. I suppose I point pet moms out because not all women can be moms or want to be but they love animals. Raising a pet really isn’t all that dissimilar to raising children. They must be cleaned, fed, trained (so to speak). Pets need discipline or they become spoiled rotten also. They need to go to the “doctor,” sometimes need surgery, or other expensive needs like dental work or various shots.

google images

google images

I give thanks to pet moms also because there are so many pets that get neglected or abused in some fashion. Pet moms love their “kids” just as much. They worry, they cry over their “kids” and are brought much joy by those kids also.

There are also the non-moms; the ones that don’t have kids but still show plenty of care for others, like a mom. They may not have kids but those ladies are important too. They’re the friends who are looking in on me from time to time to make sure I’m doing alright. They support me. They can provide that “mother” tone from time to time when I need it but not necessarily from mom. Sometimes it’s an easier pill to swallow.


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