The Mommy Diaries: Penny, revisited

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The above image is similar to when my dearest Penny’s son brought home some flowers for her, after picking them on the side of the sidewalk, but the goal was to do something nice for her. Mother’s Day has come and gone, but I wanted to share a couple more stories Penny had for me in honor of the holiday.

Children may have their bad days. They may be unruly or cry for no reason or just make some days very difficult as they try and figure out just how serious mom is about rules and the like. They need to learn who they are on their own and in the process probably is driving mom a little crazy.

Then there are those other days. Those days that stay with moms forever. Children really love to please their parents, well mostly. It’s absolutely precious when kids go out of their way to do something special for mom. Here’s what Penny has to say about some of her favorite birthday memories:

For my birthday, my mother took my son to buy a card for me. He knew I liked (and still do) shiney and glittery things. He found the BEST card he could. It was BIG, had lots of glitter and had words in embossed gold. I loved that card…too bad it said “to my favorite UNCLE”!! He was 4 years old.

Well perhaps there was some mistake. A big glittery card for a favorite uncle doesn’t sound quite right to me. I’m sure it was meant to say favorite mom. *wink*. There are birthdays, but then there is Mother’s Day of course. Kids try their best to do well by that day too. Here’s what Penny had to say:

When he was 5 (my mother) took him to buy me a Mother’s Day present. She told him how much he could spend and then he picked out the perfect one for me. He liked it because it was a funny looking pair of ‘scissors’ and he just KNEW I would like them. It was actually an eyelash curler!! He is SO cute. Glad he is older…the presents have improved but his sense of humor remains. I still have the curler!!

Kids are too darned cute. They really do say and do the darnedest things, but their moms are in their hearts always. This mama raised her son right. He definitely has his own personality and sense of humor but he’s always thinking of his mom. Penny is an avid gardener and loves the summer weather but really isn’t a winter person. This spring in Colorado has been particularly difficult and she’d been pretty bummed about it. Mother’s Day came around and this year, instead of a eyelash curler, her son got her a bouquet of flower cookies in the shape of tulips. He told her the spring snow couldn’t possibly ruin those tulips. It made her day.

It’s the little things that count to moms. A pat on the back, some edible flowers or even a well intended eyelash curler can really brighten her day. Moms are pretty amazing so they should get the love in return. Thanks moms!


3 responses to “The Mommy Diaries: Penny, revisited

  1. Thanks for the words. I believe I raised a very good son too. The saying goes ‘you can tell how a man will treat his wife by how he treat his mom. One can tell by the way he treats his girlfriend..and THAT is very well!…that I did good. My pride and joy….

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