The Mommy Diaries: Rose

me and rose, my sister in shorthood hehe :)

me and rose, my sister in shorthood hehe 🙂

Rose is a friend of mine from Community Leadership Academy, a then really new charter school in Commerce City, Colo. I worked there for two years and in that time I really made a pal of Rose. Partners in “crime” so to speak; sisters in shortdom haha. It wasn’t always so easy being there but having a good friend to work with really helped those not so pleasant days. She’s still at CLA but the way I see it, that’s a blessing to everyone. I’m so happy to know the students at CLA have such a wonderful resource.

Life has presented it’s ups and downs to Rose during her days before and since I’ve left the school. She’s always handled things with grace and her faith has helped her through the years and tough times. Tough times at CLA pale compared to what she’s faced as a parent.

Parenthood is a series of trials, tribulations, elations and a sense of accomplishment. One of the hardest things moms can face or those who want to be moms, is infertility and worse yet, the loss of a child. What greater heartache can a mom face than when her child passes away. I haven’t been there but I can imagine the helplessness that I think I would feel in that situation. Here’s what Rose has to say:

In November of 1993 I gave birth to my second son my husband’s first, Robert Anthony Lucero, Jr. In January 1994 we lost our son to a rare disease. The two and a half months with him was the hardest journey I have traveled. After losing him was even harder. We were told having more kids was probably not a wise decision. If anyone has ever lost a child the grief is overwhelming.
Through the tough times when there seems to be nothing left reach for the hem of His Garment. It was in the toughest moments of my life that I found God. Losing my son was more than I could bare, losing my husband was next but my biggest regret was forgetting to be a mom to my son Frankie.
But God had a different plan for us. In March of 1995 we were blessed with our handsome son Brandon Lucero and in October of 1996 we were blessed with our beautiful daughter Breanna Rose Lucero.

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Moms make mistakes but they, like everyone, deserve a second chance and to be forgiven as they so often are the ones to forgive. Rose was given a tough hand and it was hard. Perhaps mistakes were made, but she more than redeemed herself. She was forgiven but better yet, she forgave herself after a devastating blow. Here’s what Rose has to say about overcoming the past and moving forward in love:

Today I give Praise to my Savior. I have so many memories of my children good and bad, but the good will always overcome the bad. My daughter is beautiful, she is funny and my best friend, but I will always be a mom first. She is a cheerleader and in ROTC. My son Brandon is sarcastic in so many ways, most of the time I just laugh cause I don’t get it. He has a compassionate heart like none I have ever known. He plays the guitar in Praise & Worship for the youth group at our church.
My son Frankie is an amazing husband, an awesome dad and I am so proud of him. He overcame so many obstacles in his life and loves life to the fullest. I am blessed to have two beautiful granddaughter D’Anika & Savana. When I see him with his girls my heart melts. He is an amazing dad.

Moms are always proud of their children, but the pride bursts when they see how successful their children are in whatever endeavors they pursue. It makes moms feel good knowing they’ve done a great job in raising their children. Here’s what Rose has to say about how proud she is of her children:

Brandon came to my job with his cap and gown. He will be graduating in a week and heading to UNC for college. He will also be doing an internship for our church and going on a mission trip to Guatemala in July. (UPDATE: Brandon graduated alongside classmates May 16 – Congratulations Brandon! – you’re so grown up and I wish you the best!-Jennifer)

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google images

The number of proud moments are endless. Not everyone can recover from such hard times, but Rose with her strength, love, kindness and determination helped lead her family from tough times to one filled with love and faith. She’s one amazing mama and I give her many praises. Here’s what Rose has to say about life now, what’s she’s learned and what she passes on to others:

I look back on the years and am so thankful for all the struggles, celebrations, laughs and tears of pain and tears of joy. I love my life with my family so much and they bless me every day. My husband and I went from divorce court back to our marriage and we will be celebrating 20 years on July 17th. I thank God for every day we have together. Always love unconditionally with no regrets, treasure every moment, never forget to tell your children you love them, hug them and let them know how proud you are of them. And in every bad decision they may make forgive and let it be a life lesson. In all things pray for your children everyday!

Rose… you’re amazing! You’ve done a spectacular job with your kids. Thank you for all you do and thank you for using your “mom” skills to help those kids who so need it in school. Sometimes those who work in schools are the only “moms” those kids ever get.


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