The Mommy Diaries: Sam

found via google images

found via google images

Sam and I go back a long way…. a long, long way even. It all started at about age 5. Some of my earliest memories go back to elementary school. I remember hanging out with her and Kendra. One memory is in sixth grade and we were all preparing to move onto junior high (at that time it was junior high). We all went to the park that was really close to where I used to live (my family and I moved my sixth grade year because we were in need of more bedrooms). We all were hanging out having a grand time at the park – sadly I can’t remember the name of that park hmm. Anyway, even then I was starting to work on my photography skills. I had just a little throw-away camera but I did get a pretty good one of Sam, but wouldn’t you know it – it’s in Colorado and I’m here in California. Darn it.

I also remember reaching middle school and Sam’s dad, Officer Nelson as I remember calling him, was the school resource officer for a time. You all should know by now I’m really short so it was funny if I ever walked next to him or came up to him for some reason because he’s a big guy… tall and super intimidating looking but he’s a very nice man. There were some good times in middle and high school – all for another post another time.

Some of the best memories as a mom are those times when childrens’ reactions are not as to be expected, at least this is what I gather based on the stories I hear. Children often say the darnedest things but also do the darnedest things. It can be a bit unpredictable which is what truly adds the humor to it all. The best stories are those when parents are trying to do something positive and the little ones don’t always understand the circumstances. Here’s what Sam has to say about her little one:

One of my best memories was from when Connor turned 1. We had a huge party, with all of our friends and family. When it was cake time we all waited for him to dig in… Everyone started cheering when he was getting ready to eat the cake and it totally freaked him out.

Just as there are plenty of good memories of raising kids, there are those other kinds of memories. Those that are not so pleasant and yet it comes with growing up as is mentioned in just about every movie that talks about childhood. Being a mom can be trying especially when it comes time to put the brakes on being the “cool parent” and having to be a real mom. There’s tears, sometimes tantrums and there can be some pretty harsh words. Good moms learn to take all of this with a grain of salt and know that kids are just letting off steam. Good moms know that no matter what hurtful things come out of a child’s mouth that underneath it all, that child loves her. Here’s what Sam has to say:

My worst memories were going through the terrible 3s… There were quite a few “I don’t like you mommy” times. Anecdote: you don’t hate me, you love me you just don’t like me right now. My mom used to say that whenever we got mad at her and it makes sense now.

from google images/ yep im sure we all know this face from time to time

from google images/ yep im sure we all know this face from time to time

Being a mom naturally comes with at least some humorous/awkward moments. I mean come on, there’s all those dirty diapers, sick days and various accidents and crashes. It comes with the territory. Remember that scene from “Parenthood” starring Steve Martin. His daughter finally vomits all over him and his wife asks him why he isn’t doing anything and his response is “I’m waiting for her head to spin.” Well, there are also moments when moms are not so perfect and find themselves in a few awkward moments. Kids may not notice but we adults do. Here’s what Sam has to say about a recent funny moment for her:

Funny moment: the other day Connor was playing in his room and I walked by and told him “don’t put the fire in your mouth” after I said it I realized how it sounded and how if you didn’t know he was playing with a Leggo fire piece you might be think he was a circus performer. He does some thing funny everyday.

google images/not mine

google images/not mine

Finally, as parents, particularly moms, they all want to be able to pass something on that will be helpful either to other parents or to kids, probably both. Moms inherently like to be helpful which is why they’re moms. They learn as they go, just like the rest of us, but they possess a special kind of wisdom that’s worth listening to and I highly recommend you listen. Here’s what Sam’s learned:

Listen to children, even if they are talking gibberish or nonsense. They need the interaction, and they grow up so fast if you don’t listen and talk to them when they are young they might not talk to or listen to you when they are older.

It’s true. Time is precious. Hug your babies moms and dads; kids, thank your parents and hold tight. These days may seem like they’ll be around forever but they won’t. Never take your mom or other family for granted. You just never know what tomorrow may bring.


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