The Mommy Diaries: Brie

found via google images/not mine

found via google images/not mine

I’m sure I’m missing out on all kinds of fun and interesting adventures by not having kids at this juncture in my life but at least I get to hear from my friends. There are some really fun stories to be had. My friend Brie has four kids and she amazes me with how she handles all four, pretty close in age and still manages to work when she needs to but also cleans and cooks, etc. She’s my sort of “Donna Reed” with zeal and spunk. This mama’s got a ‘tude but I like it. She doesn’t take gruff darn it.

I’m always reading about the things she’s about to get done or had completed for the day and it amazes me. I only have me to worry about and I probably couldn’t get half as much done. I’m always tired after reading her post on Facebook haha. Go Brie! Oh did I forget to mention she has a small zoo at her house? She’s also an avid animal lover and has many critters (and I’m not talking about her kids either) and she takes great care of all of them. That is what a mom is if you ask me.

So, as I was saying, in ‘momhood’ there are many varying experiences, or so I hear. Among them can be finding out your kids have imaginary friends. Okay so I know what you’re thinking – immediately all those scary movies of children who “see dead people” and what have you. Well, I have news for you. Not all imaginary friends are scary and usually aren’t permanent… so no need to worry. Here’s what Brie had to say about her experience with imaginary friends:

When Joey was 4 years old she was taking a shower and singing her little heart out. I was cleaning the living room and she had the bathroom door open so she could call me if she needed me. In the middle of one of her songs I heard this low kind of scary voice coming from the bathroom. The voice was yelling. I run into the bathroom and throw open the shower curtain and no one was there except my daughter. I asked her about the voice and she said it wasn’t her it was ‘Frank.’ I ask who Frank was and she squeezed her little tummy together and said ‘I’m Frank.’ I asked her why Frank was yelling and she said because she got soap in his eye. That was the beginning of what I refer to as The adventures of Joey and Frank the Belly Button. The way my husband and I viewed it was a lot of kids have imaginary friends and at least we could see her’s.

the lone, mauled shoe; courtesy of google images

the lone, mauled shoe; courtesy of google images

Among the many experiences parents can have is looking for things. Kids, so I’m told (not that I ever lost anything ever *whistles*) have an affinity for misplacing items. On occasion these items get misplaced in the most interesting places. Sometimes they’re found and sometimes they’re never heard from again. Then there’s the occasional mauling. Here’s what Brie says about their unique souvenir:

When Benji was 1 and 1/2 years old we took our kids to South Dakota! We were enjoying Bear Country where you drive through and look at the wild life. When your done you get to go and look at the baby bears! So much fun. Benji was looking down at the cubs and had his foot sticking through the cage. His shoe fell off. It was the only pair of shoes we brought with us so I asked them if there was a way to get it. The bear keepers said this happens several times a week and gladly went and got his shoe. It was mangled we ended up going to Walmart and getting new shoes for him. But it’s in our memory box! Best souvenir ever!!

I always love hearing from my friends. They have some of the best stories of children at their best. I know me and my siblings were always an interesting troop. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of those as the month progresses. I hope to be able to share many more stories of my friends and what they’ve experienced.

I’m not sure if kids are in my future but I certainly enjoy them. I was just at the elementary school today getting class photos of the kindergartners as they get ready for their graduation. They’re so darned cute! They’re getting used to my coming to the school to get photos so some of them just come up and start chatting away about all kinds of things. One girl was telling me all about the butterflies in their classroom. It’s awesome to see how much they learn and like to learn. So to all those mothers out there – thank you for helping those lil’ ones find their voice.


2 responses to “The Mommy Diaries: Brie

  1. to borrow the phrase, “its six of one half a dozen of the other”…there are great things about having children and great things about being single…….


    • haha indeed; yep there are certainly good things about it, but as they say – the grass is always greener haha; trying to change that and just accept life as is and be good with it – not always easy but im trying 🙂

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