Mama said…

picked up from google images/doesn't belong to me

picked up from google images/doesn’t belong to me

So I have a couple of busy days in front of me. I won’t be able to post later or tomorrow but I wanted to leave you all with a few simple words – mama said…

In this instance, I felt it a good excuse to leave you all with a little bit of great music from the Motown type of music for the 1960s. I loved that sound! Great song, simple message. Plus it’s The Shirelles – how could you go wrong?

We’ve all had our moments with our mothers as they taught us some valuable lesson. I distinctly remember one of my own when I was learning to accept my fate as a extra short person. I was getting tired of the short jokes from a neighbor and she straight up told me I’d have to learn to have a thick skin. I couldn’t allow things like that to bother me too much because it wouldn’t likely ever change. If you haven’t read my “What’s it like being short” post – well it’s all in there. And as “Forrest Gump” would say – “That’s all I have to say about that.”

That was just one of many “mama said” moments. What was one of your favorite mama said moments? I’d love to hear your experiences as a mother or with your own mother. I find it very amusing when those “mama said” moments suddenly become our own moments haha. There’s a post floating around on Facebook that says something to the effect of “When I open my mouth, my mother comes out.” Oh the things our mothers teach us. Good stuff.


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