The Mommy Diaries: Penny

me and my penny (called her hope for the longest time -she's always my hope).  =)

me and my penny (called her hope for the longest time -she’s always my hope). =)

This is the first in a series of entries I’m doing as an ode to mothers (this is all part of my monthly theme and this month’s theme is “May is for Mothers). We take for granted that somehow all mothers are great moms. Sadly, these days there are reminders that not all women end up being great parents. This is why I feel it important to applaud the ladies in our lives who truly are wonderful moms. I’ve also learned in my 31 years that it’s never good to take people we love for granted. So here it is… my thank you to all the moms in my life who have and are having a positive impact on the world by being wonderful moms and raising good kids. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

My dearest Penny and I had the most humble beginnings. Yes, it’s true. We are Internet friends – well at least that’s how we first met. My friend Stephanee was having a birthday party and invited a bunch of her Internet friends and a few from college and other places she’d met folks. I had no idea that when I went that night that I’d be making a lifelong friend myself. And here is a glimpse of her experience with motherhood.

Children are funny creatures. They understand things but usually in the literal and very concrete, at least in their younger years. They have a tendency to really make a parent hold true to their words.

Penny says: I was at King Soopers a LONG time go. They used to hand out free cookies to little kids (maybe they still do…) Well, I had trained my son well into not letting me eat fatty things. We were in line to chekout and I asked for a bite ofhis cookie. He proclaimed loudly, as most kids do, the “NO MOM!!! You will get fat if you eat my cookie!! Embarrassing.

Children really want to show their parents love. Lots of love when they can. Their way of expressing it can lead to some interesting, funny results.

Penny says: My son for Mother’s Day brought home a beautiful batch of flowers in his fist that he brought home from school when he was in …oooo maybe 2nd grade. I praised him and the flowers. Later I found out he had picked them from the flowers that were just planted next to the sidewalk leading up to the school. The thought was there. I never got mad at him but from then on we decided that instead of picking flowers, we would just point to the ones we liked and would say…”those are for you”. This went on for years…even when we were on vacations and walking around new places.

The expectation is for parents to always be the one to comfort children, but when there is a truly strong bond, children can be the comforter.

When hard times came, Penny says: The day of my moms seervice was very hard on all of us. I didn’t realize just how hard it was on my son. He was about 4. We were sitting waiting for the service to start and he crawled up onto my lap. He stayed there the whole time and hugged me. It meant so much.
As he grew older, he was still the caring man. When I got the news about my father in 2001, I was in the hallway and he came up to hug me. He hugged me for the longest time and when I tried to walk away… he hugged me closer. He has no idea what those moments meant to me.

Sometimes parents like to have tradition in their lives along with their childrens’ lives. There is unity in it. It helps build those bonds and creates memories to be cherished forever.

Penny’s tradition: As for tradition…On the 4th of July, we try to go to a “save the world” movie (like Men in Black…LOL). Then we buy sub sandwiches of some ‘portable’ food and go to Folsom stadium (in Boulder, Colo.) to watch the fireworks. We have done this since he was 3! GREAT memories!

Penny has done a great job of raising a very nice young man. It hasn’t always been that bed of roses and she’s done it on her own.

Penny says: I LOVE being a mother. I think I did a fantastic job raising a wonderful man. One that treats hs girlfriend the way a man should treat his love.

“There is nothing like a mama-hug.” Yep. This is so true. Mom hugs are truly special lest we forget it. Love you Penny!

5 responses to “The Mommy Diaries: Penny

  1. Wonderful, Jen. I feel it is a good tribute to my son…and me… Yes…who would have thought we would become life long friends from that one party. Stormy & Hope….. thanks for the frinedship!

  2. i wonder if being a good mother in today’s day and age…means even more than it did 50 years ago with all the distractions of life now….

    • it probably does particularly when we must now contend with parents who overprotect and don’t raise fully functional adults anymore let alone parents who don’t give a crap about their kids (one extreme or the other it seems); kids don’t have a full grasp on reality or how to cope when life sucks because they’re so used to mom and/or dad being helicopter parents and not letting them so much as scrape a knee.

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