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Time keeps marching on and it’s May 1. Four months already done for 2013 – it’s just speeding by. Well, as a reminder, part of what I’m doing with this blog is writing based on a theme every month. April was “The Foolish Things People Do” for April Fool’s Day. May is “May is for Mothers” – a whole month celebrating those lovely ladies who do so much for us – for those of us blessed to have good mothers, grandmothers, aunts, etc.

I’m not a mother myself, but I have one. I have grandmothers. I also have lots of friends who have children and hope to be able to include some anecdotes, quotes, music and more celebrating moms all throughout May. I never fully know how these things work out. I suppose that’s part of what I like about this – I have a basic idea and then that idea matures, grows into it’s own thing – for lack of better words right this moment.

I wanted to get this month started by sharing a song by a wonderful singer/songwriter, whom I’ve already mentioned in my last post, Jann Arden. It’s called “Good Mother.” I love this lady. I wish she did more music because I’ll tell ya – she’s wonderful.

Cover of "Living Under June"

Cover of Living Under June

If you haven’t checked out that album – “Living Under June” by Arden – you should. That’s a side note though. I mostly just wanted to get the month started on a good note – no pun intended.

Have a great day WordPress!

p.s. to all those who stop by – Thank you! I appreciate you all taking a moment to stop and read what I have to say – even if/when it’s total nonsense. Please take a moment to leave a reply! I love to hear from folks who read my craziness haha.


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